Shivaratri at Chhangchhangdi 2072, Syangja Nepal

shivaratri at chhangchhangdi 2072 syangja nepal
DR Gurung
Today, 24th Of Falgun 2072, is Maha Shivaratri in Nepal. Just came back from Chhangchhangdi Temple. Got an amazing feelings worshiping lord Shiva at Chhangchhangdi Temple. I would like to brief you in short about Chhangchhangdi which is situated in Syangja, Nepal.

Chhangchhangdi is a village development committee in Syangja District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 3212 people living in 568 individual households.

Chhangchhangdi got its name from Magar language. (Changchang = Sound produced by water; di=Water). According to holi book Swasthani, Chhangchhangdi is the place of Chhayan-Kshetra. After Satyawati died, Lord Shiva carried her dead body until it decayed and finished off in the soil. The buttock of Satyawati dropped in famous place Guheswori whereas last part of Satyawati fell in Chhangchhangdi. At that time Lord Shiva became tired and thirsty so he hit the hill with his arrow and drained water to drink it. Still today in Chhangchhangdi-3 there is the waterfall produced by lord Shiva. Every year many Hindu people come to the temple at various occasions especially on Shivaratri, Thulo-Ekadeshi, etc.

So Chhangchhangdi is good place both as religious and tourism point of view. People are foreign workers in Arabian countries, farmers, businessmen, students, doctors, engineers, army men in Nepal, India and United Kingdom, etc. Changchhangdi is a place of cultural diversity. Brahamin, Kshetriya, Magar, Newar, Dalits, etc. all live in great harmony.The rapid development of Chhangchhandi occurred after restoration of democracy in 2046 B.S. But still Chhangchhagdi awaits a lot of development. Every ward has road, communication and electricity facilities. It has health facility, schools, local youth clubs, aama-samuha, etc. The VDC office lies in Dhavung-thati. River Aandhikhola is border between Changchangdi and Swarek VDC. Dahathum VDC lies at Northeast, Walling Municipality lies at west and southwestern area. Siddhartha highway passes through Chhangchhangdi. Chhangchhangdi got highway connection since more than last 40 years. The first active leader of Chhangchhangdi VDC is Shobha Kanta "Kancha" Poudel. He is famous for fighting selflessly for democracy. Recently there are few emerging leaders in Chhangchhandi. By-Agency.

As you know, Nepal is a land of Festivals. Festivals are not merely the annual spectacles for the Nepalese people. Festivals are a living part of their rich cultural heritage for the Nepalese people. Festivals celebrated in Nepal, effectively bind together the Nepalese people. Although the festivals are of diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs but unite into one nation.

There are more than 100 festivals in Nepal in a year celebrated by Nepalese people. There are more than 50 major festivals in a year celebrated by Nepalese.

Maha Shivaratri (a celebration of Lord Shiva’s birthday) is an annual Hindu festival popular in both India and Nepal. Of all the many festivals in Nepal this is probably my favorite for many reasons. The temple of Chhangchhangdi is the holy temple of Hindus where thousands of devotees come to pay homage to God Shiva. Maha Shivaratri is one of the most auspicious occasions for all Hindus. The primary being that there are not too many tourists around as it’s usually held in the second or third months of the year which is the end of Winter.

With few tourists around you’ll be surrounded by Nepalese and Indian pilgrims alike making it that bit more special. That said it’s also an extremely crowded festival and one that might not be on the Nepalese map in its current form for much longer.

When is Shivaratri 2072? When is Shivaratri 2016?

Shiva Ratri 2072 B.S. or Shivaratri 2016 AD means same. When is Shivaratri festival 2072? When is Shivaratri festival 2016? Here I give you all the Shivaratri 2072 dates or Shivaratri 2016 dates. The Shivaratri 2071 dates or Shivaratri 2015 dates means same. It's not different. This year Shivaratri Festival 2072 falls in 24th of Falgun 2072 (24-11-2072) or you can say Shivaratri Festival 2016 falls in 7th of March 2016.

Dates for Shivaratri in Nepal 2013, 2014 & 2015:
  • Shivaratri in 2013 was on Sunday 10th of March 
  • Shivaratri in 2014 was on Friday 28th of February 
  • Shivaratri in 2015 was on Tuesday 17th of February
Keep in mind that the dates are largely lunar and can change.

History of Shivaratri

Shiva is the god of the yogis who is self-controlled and celibate. However he is also a lover of his spouse (Shakti/Parvati). Lord Shiva is also known as the destroyer of the world. Shiva is often depicted as being blue due to a poison he drank that could have destroyed the universe. Parvathi tightened a noose around his neck so he could not fully swallow it. So it turned blue.
Shivaratri or Maha Shivaratri means the great night of Shiva or the night of Shiva: it is a festival to celebrate the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.
There are several versions of how and why this festival appeared.
How is Shivaratri celebrated in Nepal today?
Unusually for Nepal rumors and chat about Shivaratri start a week beforehand. I say unusually as the normal thing is to wake up and find out that there’s a festival going on that day.
Advanced notices about festivals are not that common place in Nepal.
Shivaratri is different though as it’s one, if not the most important festival in the entire year. During the week before Shivaratri I noticed a few more Sadhu’s or holy men appear on the streets.

Most have made a walking pilgrimage from India and all around Nepal to visit Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu Nepal.

My visit to Chhangchhangdi during Shivaratri, Today (24th Of Falgun 2072) in Nepal

It’s an early start to avoid the already strong crowd. Myself and my wife woke up early at 3 am this morning, took bath and at 4 am - got a ride with my pulsar 220 bike to the destination Chhangchhangdi temple. As we stepped at Chhangchhangdi (It only took 1 or 2 minutes to reach), my God, it's already crowded there and then it’s a case of follow the crowd for about 15-20 minutes of walking for more than 100 meters distance to reach Chhangchhangdi Temple. It’s very crowded at this point.

Guys, it was an amazing experience I have ever had. I just took some pictures from my mobile phone while visiting Chhangchhangdi Temple, though I'm not a professional photographer. For some good memory I took below snap shots celebrating and visiting Chhangchhangdi Temple.
छाँङ्गछाँङ्ग्दी शिव मन्दीर जाने प्रवेश द्वार - मूल ढोका।  बिहान ४ बजेको दृष्य। 

सवेरै खुलेका पूजा सामाग्री पसलहरु मध्य एक। 

स्नान् गर्न जाने ठाउँ बाट लिईएको शिव मन्दिर को तश्वीर।  

स्नान् गर्ने स्थल - तीन वटा धाराहरु छन् । 

मेरी श्रीमती टिका बनाउँदै। 

भीड-भाड बाट लिईएको मन्दिर परिसरको दृष्य। 

शिव मन्दिर अगाडी श्रदालु भक्तजनहरु। 

श्रीमति शिव मन्दिरमा पूजा गर्दै। 

नन्दी महाराज। 

जलेको दाउरा र अगरबत्तीको धुवाँ अनि भीड ले गर्दा श्वास् फेर्ने गाह्रो परेको अवस्था। 

कृपया जुत्ता चप्पल बाहिर राख्नुहोला। धन्यवाद !


भजन मण्डलीका सदस्यहरु - भजन गाउँदै । 

श्रीमती पूजा गर्दै। 

भीड-भाड बाट खिचेको शिव मन्दिर। 

पूजा सकिएपछि यसो विश्राम गरी फोटो क्लिक गर्दै - मेरी श्रीमती कुशा देवी गुरुङ । 

अब मेरो पालो - म -धन राज गुरुङ।  

मन्दिर बाट तल हेर्दा - दर्शनार्थीहरु लाईन मा बस्दै। 

मन्दिर बाट हेर्दा - दर्शनार्थीहरु माथी तिर लाईन मा बस्दै। 
भक्तजनहरु कोही फोटो खिच्दैछन् भने कोही भजन को तालमा नाच्दै। 

मन्दिर को सेरोफेरो। 

शिव मन्दिर अगाडी दर्शनार्थी फोटो खिचाउँदै। 
यस संस्थालाई सहयोग गर्ने दानबिरहरु प्रति हार्दिक धन्यवाद ज्ञापन गर्दछौं। 

छाँङ्गछाँङ्ग्दी शिव मन्दीर दान पेटिका - अवस्य दान गरी पुण्य कमाउनु होला।  

श्रीमती कुशा देवी दान गर्दै। 

अहोरात्र सुरक्षा दिँदै नेपाली सुरक्षाकर्मी। 

जुत्ता-चप्पल हराउंछ भनेर चिन्तित हुनुहुन्छ ? नडराऊनुहोस्। १० रुपैयाँ दिनुस् यहाँ सुरक्षित राख्नुस् आफ्ना जुत्ता-चप्पल। 

हामी पूजा सकाएर जुत्ता लिन आउँदा खिचेको तस्वीर - अहिले भीड अलिक  कम छ। 

दर्शनार्थीहरुलाई सजिलो होस् भनेर बनाईएको एक तर्फी बाटो। यो बाटो भएर स्नान् गर्ने स्थल मा पुगिन्छ।

मन्दिर बाट तल झर्दै गर्दाको दृष्य। 

पूजा गरे पछि तल झर्ने क्रमको अवस्था। 

साधु बाबा पोज दिँदै। 

चामल ल्याउनु भएको छैन ? - अफसोच चामल लान बिर्सेका रहेछौं।

$ डलर दिँदा पनि हुन्छ होला नि है !!!

साधु बाबा हरु - क्रमश आफ्नो आशनमा। 

कुशा आशिर्वाद लिँदै साधु बाबा सँग। 

बडो गज्जबको कुरो - यी बाबाले त मेरो ३ वर्षको अनुभव हिँड्दा हिँड्दै गर्दा पो फरर बताईदिए बा ! धन्य हो बाबा !

घरमा फलफूल लाने होइन ? - त्यसमा पनि अँगुर, नबिर्सनु है !

मन्दिर बाट तल झर्दै गर्दाको मूल गेट निरको दृष्य। 

ल चुरा लिनुस् है ! सस्तो मा उपलब्ध छ। 

प्रसाद किन्न नबिर्सिनु है !

तीन सय रुपैया का लेडिज जुत्ता। 
माला लिनुस् ल ! 
माला अनि प्रसाद। 

मूल गेट नेर को दृष्य। 
मेन रोड मा तैनाथ सुरक्षा कर्मीहरु। 

छाँङ्गछाँङ्ग्दी - हाईवे को दृश्य। 

स्वादिलो उखू लैजान नबिर्सनु होला।
बाईक पर्किङ्ग - अगाडीको निलो पल्सर मेरो। 
DR Gurung
A Learner (अज्ञान जस्तो ठूलो शत्रु अरु केही छैन।) 🙏🙏
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