Salaijo Chiso Hawa | Raju Gurung & Muna Thapa Pachbaiya | Video HD

Salaijo Chiso Hawa Raju Gurung
DR Gurung
"Salaijo Chiso Hawa ...", a Melodious New Nepali Salaijo Song sung by male Singer Raju Gurung and female Singer Muna Thapa Pachbaiya. Featuring Models in this music video are Khem Gurung / Sarishma Magar / Raju Gurung / Shitala Gurung. This beautiful music video was shooted in one of the most awesome Tamu majority Village in Syangja, "Rambachchha (My Hometown)". Special thanks and Credit to the Gurung community peoples of Rambachchha Tamu Samaj. Enjoy the melodious New Nepali Salaijo Dancing Romantic Song "Salaijo Chiso Hawa ..." by Raju Gurung and Muna Thapa Pachbaiya.

The Lyrics of the New Nepali Salaijo Dancing Song 'Salaijo Chiso Hawa ...' is written by Raju Gurung and Milan Thapa and Music is composed by singer Raju Gurung himself. The Camera work of the New Nepali Dancing Song 'Salaijo Chiso Hawa ...' is done by Karan Chaisir and Mitra Dev Gurung has done the Editorial work. The Director of this music video is Bijay Rumba.

New Nepali Salaijo Songs 2016, Salaijo Chiso Hawa ... Raju Gurung.

Raju Gurung Presents :- Nepali Salaijo Song
Song:- Salaijo Chiso Hawa
Vocal:- Raju Gurung & Muna Thapa Pachbaiya
Lyrics:- Raju Gurung / Milan Thapa
Music:- Raju Gurung
Audio/video:- Raju Gurung
Director:- Bijay Rumba
Cinematographer:- Karan Chaisir
Editor:- Mitra Dev Gurung
Artists:- Khem / Sarishma / Raju / Shitala

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All the Audio and Video rights of this Music Video is owned only by Raju Gurung.
Contact him at:- 9841311931
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Salaijo by Raju Gurung 2016
DR Gurung
A Learner (अज्ञान जस्तो ठूलो शत्रु अरु केही छैन।) 🙏🙏
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