Annual Result Publication & Prize Distribution Program 2073 Of Shree Om Montessori.

My son 'Nischal Gurung' dancing on the song 'Himal Ma Hiun Tarai Ma Tori ...' with his friends.

Featuring friends:

Devyani, Ealiza, Smriti, Sadikchhya, Nischal, Bishesh, Hardik, Deepesh, Aashrin, Anjila, Roshni, Sadikchhya, Ritesh, Raj, Aayush, Dikshyant.

Venue: 'Green Terrance Resort', Waling-1, Rambachchha Syangja.
  1. Unknown
    Dance well my cute vanja...and other kids u my vanja..n god bless u all..hope for ur better future..(Maiju sneha)
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      drg vlogs
      Thank you Nani for your well wishes to our beloved Nischal and his friends. Blessings from you all means a lot for Nischal.
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