Complete Syllabus of Physics | | Grade XII | NEB


Class : 12
Full Marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150

Unit – 1: Properties of Matter [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Elastic nature of matter
(b) Surface Tension
(c) Viscosity

Unit – 2: Thermodynamics [15 Teaching hours]
(a) First law of Thermodynamics
(b) Second law of Thermodynamics
(c) Heat engines

Unit – 3: Waves and Sound [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Types of oscillations
(b) Sound waves
(c) Characteristic of sound waves
(d) Waves in pipes and string

Unit – 4: Optics [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Optical instruments
(b) Wave theory of light
(c) Interference
(d) Diffraction
(e) Polarisation

Unit – 5: Magnetic effect of current [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Magnetic effect of current
(b) Electromagnetic induction
(c) A.L. circuits

Unit – 6: Modern physics [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Electron and motion in field
(b) Thermionic emission
(c) Crystal Structure
(d) Semi conductor
(e) Photo electricity
(f) X-rays
(g) Nucleus
(h) Radioactivity
(i) Nuclear energy
(j) Elementary particles
(k) Universe

Unit – 7: Physics and society [15 Teaching hours]
(a) Introduction
(b) Energy
(c) Pollution
(d) Radiation
(e) Physics and development

Prescribed Text Book XI & XII
  1. Certificate level Physics – U.P. Shrestha – Ratna Pustak Bhandar, Kathmandu, Nepal
  2. Robert L. Weber , Manning, Weggard- College Physics – Tata- Mc Graw Hill
  3. Shrestha, UP,. Baral, Dr. K.N., Amatya, K.G., Shretha., Rakesh Fundamentals of Basic Physics for PCL +2 level, Part I & II
  4. Advanced level Physics – Nelkan and Parker 5th edition
  5. Abott – 'A' level Physics
  6. Fredrick J. Buche – College Physics – 8th edition
  7. Keith Gibbs – Advanced Physics - CUP
Reference Book:
  1. Reas, W.G., Physics by exampler, 200 problems and solution, CVP 1994.
  2. Rowell, Gilbert and Sudney Hert, Physics, CUP, 1987.

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