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Question answers of the poem the sound of silence by Paul Simon.
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Question - Answers for "THE SOUND OF SILENCE". - Written by 'Paul Simon'. Paul Simon is not only a poet. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and an excellent pop lyricist. He has produced several albums and performed many solos under various pseudonyms ( नक्कली नाम ).

The poem "The Sound of Silence" criticizes the increasing materialistic tendency and lack of spiritual seriousness in modern people.
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Question-Answers Of 'THE SOUND OF SILENCE':

Question No. 1: Who does the poet address in the first stanza? Why does he want to talk to him? ( कवि पहिलो श्लोकमा कसलाई सम्बोधन गर्दछ ? उनी किन ऊ सँग कुरा गर्न चाहान्छन् ? )
Answer: In the first stanza the poet addresses to the darkness. He wants to talk with him because a vision has left seeds which are planted in his mind.

Question No. 2:  Explain the paradox: " The sound of silence". ( " मौनताको आवाज " यो विरोधाभाषलाई बयान गर्नुहोस्। )
Answer: The sound of silence is seemingly self-contradictory statement. It has very deep philosophical ( दार्शनिक ) tone. When man is in meditative state, he will attain the kingdom of complete silence. In such a silence some kind of revelation takes place, that in fact is the sound of silence.
Question No. 3:  What does the neon light stand for? How does it affect the poet? ( नियोन प्रकाश के को प्रतिक हो ? यसले कविलाई कसरी असर गर्छ ? )
Answer: The neon light stands for the idol of the spiritually misled people which is worshipped by modern people. The poet's eyes were hurt by the flash of the neon light.

Question No. 4:  Explain lines 3, 4, 5 of stanza 3. ( तेश्रो श्लोकका लाइन ३, ४ र ५ वर्णन गर्नुहोस्। )
Answer: In line 3, 4 and 5 of stanza 3, the poet explains that the people were " talking without speaking ", " hearing without listening", and " writing songs without any voice". The poet says that the people lack spiritual wisdom. With the lack of spiritual wisdom, everything loses its essence and becomes less important.

Question No. 5:  Is silence a good or bad thing? ( मौनता राम्रो कि नराम्रो कुरा हो ? )
Answer: The silence is a good thing. In complete silence, mind becomes tranquil and there will be no disturbance of any kind. It is the most elevated ( उच्च, श्रेष्ठ ) state of mind.

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