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Question answers and summary word meaning and translation in nepali of the poem Concrete Cat by dorathi charles.
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Summary | Wordmeanings | Translation In Nepali | Question-Answers of "Concrete Cat". "Concrete Cat" was written by Dorthi Charles. Perhaps the poet wants to tell us about a cat’s ‘catness’ (greediness) in action. Therefore, he has drawn a picture of cat with the help of words, not with lines.

Summary Of 'Concrete Cat':

'Concrete Cat' can be seen with our eyes immediately. In such poems outer appearance is more important than emotion and thought. Language is reduced.

In this poem, the cat is made up of different parts of body according to their places.

OR You May Choose Below Summary of 'Concrete Cat':

The cat’s ears are alert. They have capital ‘A’ in the middle. The cat’s eyes are wide open which is shown by capital ‘Y’ in the middle of the word ‘eye’. The cat’s tongue is a ‘U’, which means it is hanging down. It presents the greediness of the cat. Though it has killed a mouse, it is drooling over dish. The upside down ‘mouse’ shows that it has been killed. Nearby, there is a litter-bin.

The cat has black stripes all over its body. Its tail has also black and white pattern. In the middle line of its body, the cat has stomach tissue.

Word Meanings in Nepali of 'Concrete Cat'

'Concrete Cat' Nepali Word Meanings

Nepali Meanings 'Concrete Cat'



whisker (n)moustache ( जुँघा )
stripe (n)lines on something ( बुट्टा, धर्का )
tripes (n)body's inner part ( आन्द्राभुँडी )
paw (n)claw ( पञ्जा )
litterbox (n)pot for rubbish ( फोहोर राख्ने भाँडो )

Translation In Nepali Of 'Concrete Cat' ( नेपालीमा अनुवाद ):

"मूर्त विरालो" मूर्त कविताको एउटा उदाहरण हो जसबाट के बुझिन्छ भने कविता हेर्नासाथ त्यसको स्वरुप थाहा पाइन्छ। त्यस्तो कवितामा विचार, भावनालाई भन्दा पनि बाहिरी बनावटलाई जोड दिइएको हुन्छ। भाषालाई न्यूनीकरण गरिएको हुन्छ।

यस कवितामा विरालोको चित्र शब्द संयोजनले बनाइएको छ। कान, आँखा, जुँघा, मुख अगाडि थालमा खाने कुरा, टाटे धर्के, बुट्टादार, पेट आन्द्राभुँडी, पञ्जा, पुच्छर, फोहोर राख्ने भाँडो र मुसा प्रस्तुत गरी विरालो देखाइएको छ। पुच्छर पनि छ।

Question-Answers Of 'Concrete Cat':

Question No. 1: What does the poet indicate by capitalising the A in ear ? Y in eye ? the U in mouth ? By using spaces between the letters in the word tail ? (ear शब्दमा A लाई, eye मा Y लाई, mouth मा U लाई capital अक्षरमा लेखेर कविले के देखाउन खोजेका हुन् ? tail शब्दमा अक्षर पिच्छे खाली ठाउँ राखेर के भन्न खोजेका हुन् ? )

Answer: A indicates the cat's upright pointed ears. Y shows the cat's open eyes and U shows the cat's tongue. The spaces between letters of tail show white colour and the letters show the black colour on the one hand and on the other hand it shows a long tail of the cat.

Question No. 2: Why is the word mouse upside down ? ( Mouse शब्दलाई किन उल्टाएर राखेको हो ? )

Answer: The word 'mouse' is upside down because the mouse has been already killed.

Question No. 3: What possible pun might be seen in the cat's middle stripe ? ( विरालोको जिउको चित्रमा मध्ये भागको stripe मा कुन दुई वटा अर्थ वा शब्द पाइन्छन् ? )

Answer: The first meaning is the long band of strip on the cat and the second meaning of it is the inner part of the cat.

Question No. 4: Would you call this work of art a poem ? ( के तपाई यस्तो कला कृतिलाई कविता भन्नुहुन्छ ? )

Answer: Yes, this type of work can be called a concrete poem. Such poems are for eyes not for mind and heart. It doesn't appeal to the heart because it doesn't emphasis on emotion and thought. It emphasizes just speech. Such words make pun on stripe.'Tripe' and 'stripe' have different meanings.

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