Complete Syllabus of Chemistry | Grade XI | NEB

DR Gurung


Class : 11
Full Marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150

Unit – 1:  Language of Chemistry [20 Teaching hour]
  1. a)  Preliminary Introduction
  2. b) Law of stoichoimetry
  3. c) Atomic mass
  4. d) Avogadro's hypothesis and its important applications
  5. e) Chemical calculations based on chemical equations
  6. f) Chemical equivalent (or equivalent mass)

Unit – 2: [10 Teaching hour]
  1. a) States of Matter
  2. b) Liquid State
  3. c) Solid State.

Unit – 3: Atomic Structure and Electronic theory of valency [12 Teaching hour]
- Atomic Structure
- Electronic theory of valency

Unit – 4: Periodic table [6 teaching hours]

Unit – 5: Redox – reactions [5 teaching hours]

Unit – 6  Bonding [5 teaching hours]

Unit – 7: Energetics of chemical Reactions [6 teaching hours]

Unit – 8: Equilibrium [6 teaching hours]

Unit – 9: Chemistry of Non-metals [8 teaching hours]
- Hydrogen ,Oxygen , Nitrogen

Unit – 10: Chemistry of Non-metals (II) [20 teaching hours]
(Boron, silicon, carbon, phosphorous, sulphur,halogens, Noble gases)

Unit – 11: Elements, their Natural abundance and Metallurgical Principles [6 teaching hours]

Unit - 12: Chemistry of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals [10 Teaching hours]
(Sodium, Calcium)

Unit - 13: Coinage Metals [6 teaching hours]

Unit – 14: Fundamental Principles of Organic chemistry [10 teaching hours]

Unit – 15: Hydrocarbon [20 teaching hours]

Practicals -

DR Gurung
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