Complete Syllabus of Physics | Grade XI | NEB


Class : 11
Full Marks: 100
Teaching hours: 150

Unit – 1: Mechanics [45 Teaching hours]
(a) Measurement – Measurement of physical quantity
(b) Scalars and Vector
(c) Kinematics
(d) Laws of motion
(e) Work, energy, power
(f) Circular Motion
(g) Gravitation
(h) Simple Harmonic Motion
(i) Introduction to rotational Dynamics – Moment of Inention
(j) Hydrostatics
Unit – 2 : Heat [30 Teaching hours]
(a) Temperature – Temperature and heat
(b) Expansion – linear expansion : cubical expansion and their rotation
(c) Heat capacity
(d) Latent heat
(e) Gases
(f) Kinetic theory of gas
(g) Hygrometry
(h) Transfer of heat

Unit – 3: Optics [22 Teaching hours]
(a) Propagation of light
(b) Photometry
(c) Reflection at plane  surfaces
(d) Reflection at curved mirror
(e) Refraction at plane surfaces
(f) Refraction through prisms
(g) Lenses
(h) Dispersion

Unit – 4: Magnetism [15 teaching hours]
(a) Basic concepts of magnetism
(b) Magnetometers
(c) Terrestrial magnetism

Unit - 5: Electrostatics [15 teaching hours]
(a) Fundamental electrostatics phenomena
(b) Electrostatic Field
(c) Capacitors
Unit – 6: Current Electricity [23 teaching hours]
(a) D.C. circuit
(b) Heat and power
(c) Electrical circuits
(d) Chemical effect of current

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