Syllabus of Geology I | GEO-107 | BSc CSIT | First Semester | TU

DR Gurung

Geology I

Course No.: GEO-107
Full Marks: 70+10+20
Pass Marks: 28+4+8
Nature of course: Theory (3 Hrs.) + Lab (3 Hrs.)

Course SynopsisFundamental concepts of contemporary earth and environmental science and engineering with increasing computer application.

GoalsThis course aims at providing general understanding of Earth and environmental science and engineering.
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Course Contents:

Unit 1.  [10 Hrs.]
1.1 New Global Tectonic framework of the earth: Continental margins, earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain ranges.
1.2 Crystal, minerals and rocks: rock types and rock systematic

Unit 2.  [10 Hrs.]
2.1 Mineral deposits and mineral mining: technologies, reserves, economics and environment
2.2 Engineering geology: construction and stability of structures and natural and artificial face stability

Unit 3.  [10 Hrs.]
3.1 Climate changes and natural disasters: Landslides, Floods and Desertification.
3.2 Natural resources depletion: Hydrocarbons, metals and new sources of energy and materials.

Unit 4.  [10 Hrs.]
4.1 Geographic Information system (GIS): Vectors and raster and remote sensing database management.
4.2 Computer aided data management: remote sensing data acquisition, storage, processing and interpretation.
4.3 GIS and RS packages: ERDAS, ER Mapper, ArcView and other operating systems and capabilities

Laboratory works: Mineral / Rock identification, Soil types, Reserve calculation, Slope stability calculation, Rock Mass Ratings, ER Mapper, ArcView, ILWIS tour, RS data analysis, Digitization, practice and Geographic locking, GIS Layers shows and illustrations, GIS assignment with digital RS data.


  • To identify elements of symmetry of a cube.
  • To identify 5 oxides and 5 sulphide minerals.
  • To calculate reserve of a ore deposit.
  • To calculate cost - benefit analysis of a mining enterprise
  • To calculate the stability of natural slope
  • To calculate and interpret precipitation data
  • To calculate rock mass rating form data
  • To perform digitization and geographic locking in computer
  • GIS assignment with RS data.

Text Books: No specific text book covering all materials but a working manual could be easily prepared.


Homework: Homework assignments covering lecture materials and primary numerical exercises.

Assignments: Given throughout the semester.

Computer Usage: MS-WINDOWS (WINDOWS 98/XP) base PC of workstation

Prerequisites: Basic IT literacy

Category contents: Science Aspect: 50%

Engineering Aspect: 50%
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