How To Register .np Domain Free Of Cost In Nepal

Register .np domain free of cost in Nepal
DR Gurung

Are you planning to have a website without paying penny in Nepal? If you are interested to create website that is free of cost, you must give a try :P To create a free website you require Domain, Web Host (You can use Google Blogger), DNS Settings, etc. I'll explain others in later posts. Lets get a free Domain, i.e. '.np' Domain.

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How can I create a FREE website or website for FREE of Cost In Nepal?
'.np' is the Internet Country Code Top-Level Domain(ccTLD) for Nepal and it is free. Mercantile Communications is Nepal's official Domain registrar that provides .np domain for free of cost in Nepal.

.np domain is available free of cost in Nepal to encourage Nepali businesses, organizations and individuals to have online presence and will remain so as long as Mercantile continues providing it.
What are the requirements to register .np domain free of cost?

1. Email account - like yahoo; gmail; hotmail; etc (I prefer gmail account).
2. Create new account in

3. For Personal purpose;
-Nepalese citizenship or passport or driving license or voter's card or
-Non-Resident-Nepalese ID Card or
-Nepalese resident visa for foreign nationals
4. For Business/Official purpose; 
- Check HERE .
Here are the simple steps to register .np domain for free of cost.
Follow the steps to register .np domain for free.

Step-1: Go to (Offical Website Of .np Domain Registration). Home
Step 2: Register a New Account or Sign in with your existing account.To register a new account;- Go to User login (Top Right)
- Click on Create user
- Fill up Full name, User Email (yahoo; gmail; hotmail; etc.) and password. Now click on Create account as shown below.

'Create User Account'
- After creating user, Mercantile will send you a verification email.
Step 3: Once you verified it sign in to your account.
"Sign In"
Step 4: Check whether your domain name is available or already registered.
'Check Domain Availibility'
Step 5: If your domain name ( is available then click on [Register now].
Congratulation - 'Domain Available'
Step 6: Set Name server. [;]
'Name Servers'
Step 7: Fill up the 'Administrative Contact' form with detail such as Full Name, Country/Region, Province/State, City, Address, Email, Mobile, etc.
'Administrative Contact'
Step 8: Fill the same detail on 'Technical Contact' form as of 'Administrative Contact' form. You can do it easily by putting tick mark on ''Copy administrative contact'' :) and then click on 'Save & continue'.
'Technical Contact'
Step 9: Now, the most important part of .np domain registration is attaching the document. We have to attach scanned documents like 'Cover Letter' and 'Citizenship Card'. The Cover Letter should be hand written OR you may email directly to Later scan the sent email and attach it as 'Cover Letter'. 
The scanned documents must be less then 800 kb.

'Cover Letter'
Attach 'Cover Letter' & 'Citizenship'
Step 10: Finally click on 'Request domain'. Domain registration request has been sent, now wait for the approval. Normally it takes 1-2 business days to approve the domain name.
Click On 'Request Domain'
Note: You can check the status of your requested domain by logging into your account. CLICK HERE
1. Under Approval Status:
Under Approval Status
2. Approved Status (Active):
Approved Status (Active)
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