Blogger Cookie Consent Notification | Cookie Consent Code Generator | Cookie Policy Page Generator

How To Add Blogger Cookie Consent Notification | Free Cookie Consent Code Generator | Cookie Policy Page Generator
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Know About Cookie Consent Notification for Bloggers? Why it is essential for the Bloggers?

A Web Cookie is a small piece of information that website asks browser to store on your device. Cookies are mainly used to make your browsing experience more smoother by remembering your preferences so that when you visit same website next time the browser retrieve your stored information. Almost all browsers use cookies and user have right to view or delete any cookie anytime.

European Law requires you to give your visitors from the EU information about the Cookies that are used on your blog. In many cases, it’s also required that you get consent. Thankfully, Google automatically added the EU Cookie Notification on blogs on the Blogger platform to help meet these regulations. The notice lets visitor know about Google's use of certain Blogger Cookies, as well as the use of Google Analytics and Adsense Cookies. This will only be shown to visitors within the EU, and will disappear when the user clicks “Got it”.

Silktide is a free tool/services from which we can generate the cookie consent notification code and can easily integrate with Blogger to show the Cookie Notification Prompt.  

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on my website.
How to add Blogger Cookie Consent Notification?

To add Cookie Consent Notification in Blogger, you need to get the code which you will get from the website link and integrate the obtained code with blogger.

Cookie Consent Code Generator

1. First go to the link
2. You can now choose a theme for cookie consent notification as of your need. There are six options - full width top, full width bottom, pop-up right with dark and light background. Choose any one of your desire and click 'Continue'
Choose Theme As Per Your Need
3. Add a link to your cookie policy page if you have. If not, leave blank to use the default link.
Cookie Policy Page
4. Customize the message and button text displayed if desired.
Customize the Text
5. Click "Continue",
6. Copy the code generated as per the settings applied above and click on 'Continue'.
Copy the Cookie Consent Notification Code
7. Enter your email address to get free updates regarding the Cookie Consent Notification. Or you can skip this process and 'Continue'.
Subscribe for Free Updates
8. Now it's time to check if you have installed the plugin correctly. Just click on "Test you're compliant" button.
Check the plugin if it is correctly installed or not
9. You are redirected to where you need to input web address and email id to make sure if your blogger site is fully compliant. That's it. You are done. - Test your compliance
Now, adding the Cookie Consent Code in Blogger. You can insert the above cookie code in blogger in two different methods. Follow the steps below:
First Method:
Step No. 1: Login with your google account in Blogger,

Step No. 2: Dashboard ⇾ Click Layout ⇾ Add a gadget ⇾ Choose HTML/Javascript gadget,
Step No. 3: Copy the Cookie Consent Code from above step and paste it in HTML/Javascript gadget as shown in the screenshot below,
Step No. 4: Now save it.
Step No. 5: Note that you may keep the gadget anywhere and save arrangement.
Step No. 6: To make sure if the Cookie Consent Notification is now enabled, view your blog.
Result - Cookie Consent
Inserting Cookie Consent Notification Code in HTML/Javascript Gadget

Second Method:
Step No. 1: Login with your google account in Blogger,
Step No. 2: Dashboard ⇾ Click Theme ⇾ Edit HTML ⇾ Press  [Ctrl+F] and Search for </head>,
Step No. 3: Copy the Cookie Consent Code from above step and paste it just before the </head> tag as shown in the screenshot below,
Step No. 4: Now save theme.
Step No. 5: To make sure if the Cookie Consent Notification is now enabled, view your blog.
Result - Cookie Consent
Cookie Consent Notification Code in Blogger just above </head> tag
Note: If you want to change the message, you can do so by going to, re-customize and get a new code. You can also edit the message by editing the contents of the HTML/JavaScript gadget and the code inserted just above </head> section.

How to add a Blogger Cookie Policy Page?

Does your blogger site contains cookie policy page? If not you can prepare one by following below steps.You can write your own cookie policy page by including details of cookies used on your website. Or to save time, you may also use a cookie policy generator and include it in Blogger which is totally free of cost.

Cookie Policy Page Generator

First go to ⇾
To prepare Cookie Policy Page in Blogger, Cookie Policy Generator presents a series of questionnaire for you to answer. You need to select appropriate information relevant for your website as shown in below screenshot.
Cookie Policy Generator
Now, based on the inputs, a cookie policy is generated.

Step No. 1: Copy the final output.
Step No. 2: Login to your Blogger "Dashboard" ⇾ Click "Pages" ⇾ Create "New Page".
Step No. 3: You can give a title to the page. Like, "Cookie Policy".
Step No. 4: Paste the output you copied from the online Cookie Policy Generator.
Step No. 5: You may double check some grammatical and punctuation errors.
Step No. 6: Finally, click on publish button and now your Cookie Policy Page is created..

Note: If you want the cookie consent notification prompt to link to this cookie policy as I had already created myself for my blog ⇾ see screenshot above, go to and include this link in the cookie policy URL field and regenerate the code as described above.
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