BBS First Year Business English New Model Question 2076-2020 | TU | With Solution

bbs first year business english model question 2019-2020 tu with solution
DR Gurung
BBS First year
Business English I
Model Question
Time: 3hrs.

Attempt all the questions:

This BBS First Year Business English question paper of the year 2077 (2021) may be useful to you.

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Group- A

1. Complete the sentences below with the given expressions dealing with cause/effect language. Take care with the preposition. [5]

brings contributes affects has an influence can result

a. Poverty .......... to crime.
b. Poverty .......... in crime.
c. Poverty .......... on crime rates.
d. Poverty .......... crime.
e. Poverty .......... about crime.


a. Poverty contributes to crime.
b. Poverty can result in crime.
c. Poverty has an influence on crime rates.
d. Poverty affects crime.
e. Poverty brings about crime.

2. Rewrite the following sentences choosing the best option from the provided. [5]

a. You __________ to lend me your book.
i. are requesting
ii. requested
iii. are requested
iv. have requested

Answer: You are requested to lend me your book.

b. I __________ my homework. What shall I do now?
i. did
ii. have done
iii. will do
iv. do

Answer: I have done my homework. What shall I do now?

c. I think my knee __________.
i. broke
ii. is broken
iii. has been broken

iv. either ‘is broken’ or ‘has been broken’

Answer: I think my knee is broken/has been broken.

d. When we were kids, we __________ our own toys.
i. were making
ii. made
iii. had made
iv. are making

Answer: When we were kids, we had made our own toys.

e. I __________ Amitav Gosh for several weeks now.
i. have been reading
ii. am reading
iii. was reading
iv. read

Answer: I have been reading Amitav Gosh for several weeks now.

3. Answer the following questions as instructed. [5]

a. A little girl swings cheerfully in the park. (identify each of the words in the sentence pattern)
Answer: S + V + Adv + Obj

b. He slowly walked into the kitchen and asked for the dinner. (start the sentence with an adverb)
Answer: Slowly walking into the kitchen to ask for the dinner.

c. Write an example of a compound sentence joined by the conjunction ‘yet’.
Answer: He failed his exam, yet he is insisting to upgrade his class.

d. Write a compound-complex sentence with only one independent clause.
Answer: The CEO was sitting by his desk and his secretary was smiling at him when I entered his office.

e. Write an example of a complex sentence using the casual element of the independent clause.
Answer: While everyone is persuassive in our office, Sangeeta, in particular, is a genious.

4. Choose the correct word for the following expressions. [5]

a. The color of your outfit compliments/complements your eyes.
Answer: The color of your outfit complements your eyes.

b. The grocery in our community is known for its every day/everyday low price.
Answer: The grocery in our community is known for its everyday low price.

c. You can just lie/lay the notebook on the table.
Answer: You can just lie the notebook on the table.

d. It is important for the businessperson to ensure/insure/assure her property adequately.
Answer: It is important for the businessperson to assure her property adequately.

e. The interviewer’s job is to appraise/ apprise and evaluate.
Answer: The interviewer’s job is to appraise and evaluate.

5. As a sales representative of an electronics company write a product information of a washing machine. [5]


Washing Machine


A Typical Front Loader Washing Machine

A washing machine (laundary machine/clothes washer) or washer is a home appliance used to wash laundry. The term is mostly applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. The user adds laundry detergent, which is solid, liquid or power form, to the wash water.

LG WM3900H
Fast, gentle, effective reliable.

The front loader is quicker, gentler, and better at removing all types of stains than almost any other washer. We've tested, and it has solid reputation for reliability from multiple expert sources.

- 70,000 NRs from Home depot.
- 65,000 NRs from best buy.

The LG WM3900H is an excellent cleaner, better at removing all types of stains than almost any other washer we tested, while also handling fabrics more gently.

The WM3900H and its matching dryers (available in electric or gas, with a heat pump option any 27 inch LG dryer (new or old) on top of the WM300H. LG makes a couple of similar models. The WM3700H and WM3500C, which are missing some useful features but cost less, as well as the WM4370H, which has a different door and control panel design.

6. Write a memo with your advice to someone planning to travel to Nepal for business. Outline cultural differences of the country that might impact international business dealings. Look for differences regarding customs, use of space, hand gestures, time orientation, social behavior, how business is conducted, and other business-related issues. [5]



To: Paul Impleton
From: Hridaya Thapa
Date: January 26, 2021
Subject: International business dealings in Nepal

First of all I would like to welcome Mr. Paul to Nepal for his business dealings. As we are working in the company that is internationally recognized. People of this global village take our product very differently. We have to be careful about our verbal and non verbal expressions while dealing with the people here in Nepal. As Nepal is a very small country but it has the different varied nature of the people's culture, customs, social behaviours and beliefs. Most of the people are Hindus, so non-Hindu activities and the scientific proofs against their beliefs would be baffling and annoying to them. When we show some non-verbal gestures might mean them different. The respects the junior people show to the senior citizen is praiseworthy.

The most important part is to show the behaviour to the women. As in the west, people show the touch to them is never acceptable. We can not touch the person here in Nepal while doing conversation. It is never acceptable. In comparasion to English language, Nepali language use less gestures in conversation. Making much gestures is quite unsocial here in Nepal.

People demand the fringe benefits for the business. The customers in Nepal demand some discounts when they buy in the bulk. There must be some discounts while buying during the festival time and seasons. Sometimes selling in the dues is also demanded. People, here, get their salaries in monthly basis, so there might be some lapse on the money. They surely pay by the month's ending. So, when we bring the multinational company, we need to take the help of the local retailers to co-ordinate with them which will be easier to us.

Thank you.
Hridaya Thapa
Country Director.

7. Write instruction to recharge the mobile phone. [5]


How to recharge the mobile phone?

A mobile phone that has low battery charge or ran out of electric charge, we need to recharge the mobile phone. For this, we need a mobile charger with appropriate pod. Some of the instructions how to recharge the mobile phone in point wise are given below:

i. Take mobile charger.
ii. Connect the charger plug to the power supply plug.
iii. Make connection intact to the mobile with the charger pod.

iv. Leave the mobile for sometime till the mobile is fully 'charged'. The mobile display screen shows "fully charged" after some time.

After this we can disconnect the charger from the power supply plug. And use the mobile for long time.

8. Prepare a brochure design for a travel agency serving in Nepal for four decades. [10]


Kathmandu Travel and Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

Greetings to all!!
We would like to welcome everyone in this world of tourism. No one would think absent to himself or herself for travelling as we become part of their life. We represent Nepal and our central office is loacted in the mid valley of Kathmandu.

We want to be the only choice of everyone when they think of travelling.

We want to take care of the people during the travelling professionally.

We work for:

Ticketing -
Nobody has to trouble much about the ticketing for every type of travelling in Nepal. Our professiona staffs manage these all efficiently.

Trekking -
Nepal is the best target for trekking. We manage the trekking in the mountains and Himalayas.

Tekking Schedules -
Helambu Trek: 9 days
Langtang Valley: 10 days
Mustang Trekking: 15 days
Langtang Gosaikunda: 15 days
Makalu Trekking: 20 days
Paldor Base Camp: 21 days
Himlung Valley Trekking: 25 days
And many more ...

Home Stay - Home stay are 24/7 booking open. We provide the services to all with special discounts because 'home stay' is an organic promotion of tourism in Nepal. We are favoured by many domestic/national and international tourists. We feel proud to provide them the service.

Lastly, tourists who visit Nepal must hold valid passport and Visa.
We are always ready to help you if you contact us on:

Raj Kumar Gurung
Mobile No.: 9846000000

Mr. Sachin Kafle
Mobile No.: xxxxxxxxxx

Group- B

9. Reading prepares you to respond critically to the ideas of others and to develop ideas of your own. In this process you highlight the text paying attention to the verbal signals. How do you recognize the verbal signals? Enumerate each of them with the examples. [7]


Reading is a two way street. When the writers write and the reader read then only the reading and writing gets complete. As the readers are presented with a writer's idea, the readers have their own idea to perceive them all. The writer and the readers have their own different national, ethnic, cultural and geographic background and knowledge and experience. So the writer's writing is understood critically. In this process, we become more critical and highlight the test paying due attention to the verbal signals that carry the verbal signals most. We recognize the verbal signal by their uses. Here, we identify about what the writer really wants to communicate. These expressions help us to understand the writer's ideas and the thoughts about the ideas.

Here are some of the verbal signals that the writers may use:-

  • Signal emphasis: primary, most important
  • Signal the additional: also, in addition, furthermore
  • Signal the time sequence: first, after, then, finally, next
  • Signal comparison: similarly, likewise
  • Signal contrast: unlike, in contrast, although
  • Signal contradiction: on the contrary, however
  • Signal summaries or conclusions: to sum up, in conclusion
  • Repeated words and phrases:
  • Identify causes and effects: as a result, because, for this reason
  • Introduce examples: for examples, for instance
  • Narrowing of the writer's focus: specify in the words, infact.

These verbal signals are discussed under the transitions in the writings. The transitions (the words with verbal signals) show the intentions about the message that the writer wants to make.

10. The issue, ‘Finding a job’, is one main idea for topic sentence and it contains a list of what will be discussed in the paragraph introduced by the topic sentence. Write a paragraph with a topic sentence using the clues. [6]

Finding a job
… go to an employment agency
… read the classified newspaper advertisements
… ask friends and relatives for leads
… send resumes to possible employers


Finding a Job

Finding an appropriate job after completing the education is a challenge until we get the job; and for that we try our best to find by different mediums. Our first attempt would be to visit the different employment agency. These types of the agencies are the hub of the jobs. They play the role of the mediater for the findings of the job. The professional offices are in touch of such agencies. Reading the classified newspaper advertisement would be next step. The institution display their vacancies on the daily newspaper. They display the number of the vacancies and the job description. Sometimes asking to the friends and the relatives for the counsel would be helpful. The instructions and the advices of the friends and relatives works much for finding the job. And sometimes there are jobs and the institution remain unannounced for some causes for some time. In that time the unsolicited job applications for the jobs would work. The sending of the resumes along with the application would be more tractable for the employer. So, we can say by such activities we can find an appropriate job that we accomplish.

11. Read the following paragraph and answer the question asked below. [6]

Perhaps city residents and wild animals were never meant to go together, even in zoo. Recently a visitor to a large city zoo, ignoring all fences and warning signs put his arm into the cage of a six-year-old polar bear. Perhaps the man wanted to feed the bear, or touch him, or even tease him. But the bear, basically the citizen of the wilds, almost instantly sprang forward and sank his teeth into the man’s hand. As the man screamed for help, and the bear’s keeper tried to get the bear under control, the bear sucked in more of the man’s arm. Finally, a policeman had to shoot and kill the bear so that the man’s arm could be released—which it was. Thus, there was the killing of a polar bear and the wounding of a city denizen., two animals who were meant to be residents of their own worlds, not each other’s.

a. Extract the topic sentence in the paragraph above.
Answer: Perhaps city residents and wild animals were never meant to go together, even in zoo.

b. Is there more than one main idea in this paragraph?
Answer: No, there is not more than one man idea in this paragraph. The main idea is that man and animal should live in their own world.

c. In your own words explain why the incident supports the topic sentence.
Answer: The incident is one. The city denizen tries to enter into the world of the wild. The citizen puts his aim into the cage and the polar bear sinks it's teeth into his arm. Here the main idea is supported by the incident that when a man enters into the world of the wild it gets harmed. And there is a effect of the cause. The polar bear attacks the man then the world of the man attacks back the world of the wild. So, the bear loses it's life. So, we can say the two animals who were meant to be residents of their own worlds, not each other's. The incident support the main idea.

12. Rewrite the following paragraph, remove any material that is not part of the main idea stated in the topic sentence. Add facts, examples, incidents, definitions, comparisons and contrasts to develop the paragraph more fully. [6]

People can take many steps to reduce the stress produced by their hurried lifestyle. For example, physical exercise such as jogging, swimming or playing tennis is an excellent method for relieving muscle tension and using up nervous energy. Such exercise also strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and helps with weight control. Another way to reduce stress is by doing deep-breathing exercises a few times each day; slowly inhaling and exhaling helps the body relax as the minds rids itself of troublesome thoughts. People who use these methods often experience a feeling of well-being that improves the overall quality of their lives.


People can take many steps to reduce the stress produced by their hurried lifestyle. For example, physical exercise such as joggings, swimming or playing tennis is an excellent method for relieving muscle tension and using up nervous energy. Such exercise also strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and helps with weight control. Another way to reduce stress is by doing deep breathing exercises a few times each day. The doctors advise to do the physical exercises and to follow the balanced diet. The sports personalities do the exercises and follow their strict lifestyles regarding diet and exercises have the perfect physical life and less stress. Once I had the most mental stress. And I performed the yoga thereafter, I had found myself fresh. Our bodily activities are controlled by our mind when we are able to keep the mind under control. So we can even compare when we are under mental pressure or free of the state of mind. So, we can say there are many steps to reduce the mental pressure that might occur in our mind because of our hurried life style.

Group- C

Answer any THREE of the following questions [3x10=30]

13. What is Sandra Cisneros’s thesis in “Only Daughters”? What incidents and details support this thesis?

Answer: From the story "Only Daughter" Sandra Cisneros wanted to show the social relatives regarding the female identity. The daughters, in every societies are taken in the second priority. Women always and anywhere in the world are struggling to establish their identity. In this story, Sandra Cisneros remembers that her father calls her as a son because he has six sons already. She is included as a son. The inclusion of the daughter into the son does not signify that his daughter isn't like a son rather a daughter does have her own category.

She calls "Not seven sons. Six! and one daughter". The 'one daughter' should have more identity because she is the 'only daughter'. Here, she wants to trace the development of her identity as an adult, as a female and as a writer. The females want to establish their identity as a separate one not "include one", she develops the narrative where she struggles against the father's version of identifying the daughters she does not like to be treated as a part of the sons but she shows a difference. Her father simply wants her to get an identitity of being someone's wife. He used to think that even after getting so and such education she was not able to get a husband so she had wasted her education.

Sandra Cisnero's thesis is that the daughters are not only to get a husband and be married. She believes that the daughter could be a professional, can be better than the sons can do. The daughter can enjoy their own freedom and identity. The daughter would be able to draw the attention of the father who had been ignoring her whole life. She wants to be 'only daughter' who did much than his other six sons really had done altogether.

14. What dominant impression does Heather Rogers try to create in her description of “The Hidden Life of Garbage”? Is she successful?

Answer: Waste management in this modern lifestyle is really challenging. People are practicing life styles that do not support the healthy waste management in easier way. We must say it is a global challenge.

When we produce the garbages, we never think that how the government will be able to manage them. The waste management is really expensive. The persons who come to collect the waste in our doors get confused when they see our wastes. Because we never bother to separate the degradable and non degradable wastes, it become bothering for them. As we are not making our lifestyle environment friendly, we are really creating the problem.

After throwing out trash, we show our indifferences. The garbage collecting trucks and other vehicles take them to the landfill sites. The landfill sites are full of the trunks and containers. They move and separate the castoffs and manage them in well manner. Average American produce 4.5 pounds of trash every day. But the landfill sites are only responsible to receive them. We can not be indifferent towards it just by paying certain taxes and bills.

Yes, the writer - Heather Rogers is successful about creating impressions on the challenges about the waste management by her description. She describes about the hidden life of the garbage. The open life of the garbage is that people just throw it and remain silent. But the hidden life of the garbage is really serious. The whole responsible garbage management is after it. Thereafter process is expensive, challenging and troublesome.

15. “The Case against Air Conditioning” is about why America should stop using air conditioners in everyday life. Is Stan Cox really trying to persuade readers to live in a world without air conditioning, or do you think he has some other, less extreme purpose in mind?

Answer: No, Stan Cox is not really trying to persuade readers to live in a world without air conditioning. Rather he persuades us to live in the natural outdoor neighbourhoods which becomes fresh earlier than the enclosed rooms with air conditioning.

The air conditioning produces the larger amount of the CFC gases and raises the global temperatures. So, the writer Stan Cox tries to persuade us not to use air conditioning. It can be used in the extreme needs of emergencies only. We can use the air conditioning in hospitals, archives and the cooling centers for those who are vulnerable to heat.

Expect these cases, we should never use the air conditioning for the every day lavish luxries. He does not go completely against the air conditions. It might be used for the extreme purposes. Instead of the air condition we can use the ceiling fans which are less harmful and we must reduce the use of other such heat (or cold air) emitting devices. After that we enjoy outdoor, neighbourhood and natural blessing and have less threat of the global warning in our environment.

When we use the air conditioning in that manner, the summer life will also not be much cold in America. People will always have their summer clothes with them. So, the ceiling fans, window fans, and desk fans take back the American offices. The paperweights would be common in the American offices.

16. Is the essay “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” a point-by-point comparison, a subject-by-subject comparison, or a combination of the two organizational strategies? Why does Amy Chua arrange her comparison the way she does?

Answer: The essay "Why Chinese Mother are Superior" is put under the "comparison and contrast". In the article "Why Chinese Mother are Superior", Amy Chua compares Chinese parenting style with western parenting style to show why she thinks that Chinese mother are superior. Amy begins with a list of things her daughter are not allowed to do to illustrate how she raised successful kids, which represents what most Chinese parents do.

Amy Chua also describes cultural stereotypes about preventing - Chinese parents focus on their children's academic achievements while Western parents pay more attention to their kids' own interest. She also points out three big differences between Chinese and Western parent's notions of education. Chinese parents are always urging their children to get highest grades, they think their kids owe them everything and obtain best grades is a kind of methods to repay them. She states that Chinese parents never think of their children's own wants, they just impose what will be benefit for their children, while Western parent's are still troubled about their children's self-respect.

The essay "Why Chinese Mother are Superior" is organized using a point-by-point structure. This organizational style works well because it allows Chua to touch on many individual points and write about how each parenting style differs regarding that point in a way that is not confusing for the reader. The list she provides includes the elements that make the reader response and engaged with. The readers read the article being engaged completely with Western and Chinese mother's handle their children.

By this type of comparison, Amy Chua tries to give the overall comparison of two mother types in different social backgroung and attitude. But there is not the matter of superiority or inferiority in raising their children. But there is no mother in the world who does not want her children doing progress in his/her life.

17. According to Daniel Engber, what is the public’s attitude toward taxing junk food and soda? How does he support this generalization? What does Engber find “ironic” about “so many advocates for healthy eating”.

Answer: The reference of 'fat tax' at the begining is so humorous but by this example the writer - Daniel Engber develops his arguement to say that taxing junk food and soda is justified. If we are taxing the soda and the junk food, we must prove that drinking coke and eating junk food is like the puffing cigarette. People are using them without any care.

It can be harmful to use junk food and soda. They are taken as the food for the hedonic hunger. We do not eat junk food to stay alive. We eat these for our pleasure only. When food is scarce, hedonic hunger comes in handy, so we can stock up on calories for the hard time ahead. People do not accept that soda is as bad as tobacco. But Daniel Engber makes the argument in the logical manner explaining that these junk foods make us fat. We are eating chocolates for our brain's pleasure system. And it helps to change the 'functional connectivity among important brain regions'.

People has the reservation about the taxing on the junk foods and the soda because the use of the soda and the cigarette can't be same, though tax on the both types of the commodities had been implied on the same time. Daniel Engber finds it ironical to the reference that if all the people are advocating for healthy eating only the water that does not have any harmful ingredients mixed in it. He supports his generation by showing that both are harmful for the human health. Then, why don't we let them drink the water only?

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