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Compulsory Science class 10 see pre board exam question paper 2077 pabson
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DhanRaj's Blog (drg vlogs) presents you SEE Class 10 Sent Up/Pre-Board Exam Compulsory Science Question paper of the year 2077-2021. Check and download in PDF file of Compulsory Science Class 10 (SEE) Question Paper 2077/2021. View 2077 Syangja Pabson SEE Class 10 Compulsory Science Sent Up Exam Question Paper and download it in PDF file. Enjoy!

SEE Pre-Board/Sent Up Examination - 2077/2021
PABSON Examination Committee, Syangja, Gandaki Province
Class - 10 (X)
Subject - Compulsory Science
Maximum Marks - 75
Time: 2:15 Hrs.

Candidates are required to answer in their answers according to the instructions given.

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All the questions are compulsory.

Group 'A'  (15x1=15)

1. Give short answer to the following questions.

a. What is the value of acceleration due to the gravity at the pole of earth?

b. State Pascal's law. Name one instrument based on Pascal's law.

c. Define specific heat capacity.

d. The magnification is less than 1. What does it mean?

e. What is one commercial unit. Write it's unit.

f. Define actinides.

g. Give two examples of organic acid.

h. What is meant by combination reaction?

i. What are the raw materials used to make bakelight?

j. In which plant seri silkworm feed in?

k. Write the name of vein in which pure blood flows.

l. What is gene?

m. Name any two organisms which are reproduced by multiple fission.

n. What is self-pollination?

o. Write any two methods of identification of fossils.

Group 'B'  (13x2=26)

2. Why it is not safe on the moon to jump on parachute from certain height? Give two reasons.

3. An egg sink in pure water but floats on salt solution? Why?

4. Newly built quilt is warmer than older one? Why?

5. Write down the difference between longsightness and shortsightness.

6. Why are elements of group VIIA called halogens?

7. Write down any two differences between alkane and alkene.

8. What is formed if carbondioxide is cooled to -78⁰c? Write the use of the substance.

9. Name the metal that can be obtained from the from the given ores.
i. Pyrolite.
ii. Haematite.

10. Why silkworm is called queen of fibre?

11. Write any two differences between sensory nerve and motor nerve.

12. Write any two characteristics of a person suffering from Down's syndrome.

13. Write two importance of variation.

14. 'A comet is not actually a star'. Give any two reasons in favour of this statement.

Group 'C' (6x3=18)

15. If Simran's weight is 600N on the earth. How far should she be from the centre of the earth so that his weight will be 300N? (Radius of earth is 64 x 10⁵m)

16. What type of transformer is given in figure? Why? Calculate the primary voltage of this transformer.

17. Write any three ways to solve the problem of chemical pollution.

18. Draw a diagram of laboratory preparation of ammonia gas Name two chemicals used for this process.

19. "Tissue culture method of an artificial vegetative propagation in plant plays a great role in forestry, Horticulture and agriculture fields." Clarify this statement in three points.

20. Clarify the relation between the destruction of historical, archeological monuments and buildings with industrialization.

Group 'D' (4Xx4=16)

21. What is renewable and non-renewable energy? Define energy crisis. "The world will face energy Crisis in near future." Justify this statement.

22. Study the structural formula of the hydrocarbon given below and answer the following questions.
i. Give the name and molecular formula of this compound.
ii. Write it's general formula.
iii. Write the name and structural formula of the compound formed if one 'H' atom from each carbon is replaced by one 'OH' in each carbon.
iv. Write a use of the compound thus formed.

23. Draw a chart showing the crossing between red and white flowered pea plants till F₂ generation. Find out the genotypic and phenotypic ratio of F₂ generation. When the mating of black and white rats takes place, all the offspring produced in first generation are black. Why there are no white rats?

24. Write the name of main chemical which destroys ozone layer. How is ozone layer is depleted by that chemical? Describe with chemical equation.

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