Electrical Machine-II | Question Paper 2076 | CTEVT Diploma | 3rd Year/1st Part (New+Old)

electrical machine ii question paper 2076 ctevt diploma 3rd year 1st part new+old course
DR Gurung
Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training
Office Of The Controller Of Examinations
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Regular/Back Exam - 2076, Falgun/Chaitra
Program : Diploma In Electrical and Electronics/Electrical Engineering
Year/Part: Third Year/First Part (New+Old)
Subject: Electrical Machine-II
Full Marks - 80
Pass Marks - 32
Time - 3 hrs.

Electrical Machine-II Question Paper 2076 CTEVT Diploma 3rd Year/1st Part (New+Old).

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

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Download in PDF - Electrical Machine-II | Question Paper 2076 | CTEVT Diploma | 3rd Year/1st Part (New+Old).

Attempt Any Five questions.


a) Explain the starting methods of 3-ϕ induction motor in brief. [8]

b) A 440v, 3-ϕ, 50 H, 4 pole, star connected induction motor has full load speed of 1425 r.p.m. The rotar has an impedance of (0.4+j4) ohm per phase and rotor/stator turn ratio is 0.8. Calculate (i) full-load torque (ii) Rotor current (iii) Full load rotor copper cose. [4]

c) The input power to a 6 pole, 3 phase, 50 HZ induction motor is 42kw the speed is 970 r.p.m. The stator losses are 1.2 kw and the friction and windage losses 1.8 kw. Find (i) the rotor cu loss (ii) efficiency of the motor.


a) What is shaded pole motor? Explain operating principle characteristics and it's application. [7+1=8]

b) Explain Ac series motor operating principle, characteristics and it's application. [8]


a) Derive the E.M.F. equation of an alternator. [6]

b) Explain parallel operation of alternator. [4]

c) A 3 phase, 10 KVA, 400V, 50HZ, star connected alternator supplies the rated load at 0.8 pf lag. If armature resistance is 0.5 ohm(𝛺) and synchronous reactance is 10 ohm(𝛺). Find the voltage regulation. [6]


a) Explain working principle of synchronous motor and explain how to make synchronous motor self-starting. [8]

b) Explain how does a synchronous motor differ from a d.c. motor and what are the causes of faulty starting of a synchronous motor?  [8]


a) A 0.5 hp, 230V, single phase induction motor takes a current of 4.2 A lagging the voltage by 10 degree for the starting winding and a current of 6.2 A lagging the voltage by 40 degree for it's main winding. Find (i) total current and power factor at time of starting (ii) total current and power factor during running (iii) Power drawn by starting winding (iv) Power drawn by main winding. [6]

b) Explain V and inverted V curves for synchronous motor. [6]

c) What is induction generator? List out it's application. [2+2=4]

6. Write short notes on: (Any Four) [4x4=16]

(a) Power angle characteristics.
(b) Capacitor start motor.
(c) Synchronization of alternator.
(d) Speed control of 3-ϕ induction motor.
(e) Stand still condition.

Good Luck!

Download PDF | Electrical Machine-II Question Paper 2076 CTEVT Diploma 3rd Year/1st Part (New+Old).

Check and Download Electrical Machine-II Question Paper 2076 CTEVT Diploma Third (3rd) Year/First (1st) Year (New and Old Course).


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