Model Question of Optional I | Rural Development | Subject Code-1051 | Grade 11-XI | 2077-2078 | NEB | Download in PDF.

model question of optional i rural development having subject code 1051 grade 11-xi 2077-2078 neb download pdf
DR Gurung
Grade XI/Class 11
Model Question (New Course)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 1051
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

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Group 'A'

Attempt All Questions.

Very Short Answer Questions. (11×1 = 11)

1. Give an one introduction of rural development. (K)

2. Write down two objectives of rural development. (K)

3. Write any one importance of joint family. (U)

4. Write any one features of rural tourism.  (U)

5. What suggestion will you provide to your friend who is interested to run agro based business in mountainous region. (A)

6. Write down the any one impact of social structure of Nepal in rural development. (HA)

7. Write any two names of ministries at province level. (K)

8. Which articles of constitution of Nepal has mention the fundamental rights of people. (K)

9. Write down long term vision of current plan. (U)

10. Write down the impact of local level plan on the lifestyle of citizen. (HA)

11. Write down any two components of project cycle. (K)

Group 'B'

Short Answer Questions. (8×5 = 40)

12. Mention the natural resources found in the rural areas of Nepal. (K)


Discuss the determinants of rural development.

13. It is necessity for the upliftment and protection of marginalized and endangered castes for the rural development. Highlight this statement. (HA)

14. Point out the positive aspect of promoting rural tourism regarding rural development. (A)

15. Critically mention the contribution of Nepal electricity authority in rural development. (HA)

16. Present the frame of organizational structure of rural Municipality. (A)

17. Clarify the interrelationship between the environment and sustainable development. (HA)

18. Right of information enhances the good governance how? Clarify this statement. (U)

19. Differentiate between the long term plan and short term plan. (K)


Mention the key characteristics of Fifteenth periodic plan. (K)

Group 'C'

Long Answer Questions. (8×3 = 24)

20. Prepare an essay on the title ‘The impact of cultural diversity on rural life and development of Nepal’. (U)

21. Give a critical comment on the function of Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority. (HA)


Evaluate the contribution of Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens in rural development. (HA)

22. Prepare a model of a proposal of rural development project that is going to conduct in your community. (A)

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