Model Question of Optional IV | Computer Science | Subject Code-4271 | Grade 11-XI | 2077-2078 | NEB | Download in PDF.

model question of optional iv computer science having subject code 4271 grade class 11/xi of year 2077-2078 neb
DR Gurung
Grade XI/Class 11
Model Question (New Course)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 4271
Time - 2 hrs
Full Marks - 50

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

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Attempt all questions:

Group 'A'

Multiple Choice Questions. (9×1 = 9)

Tick the best alternative.

1. Which one of the following is an input device?

a) speaker
b) printer
c) monitor
d) mouse

2. Which of the following is NOT a bus type?

a) Address bus
b) Data bus
c) Memory bus
d) Control bus

3. How to represent Boolean F(x,y)=x.y in logic gate?

4. Which scheduling algorithm allocates the CPU first to the process that requests the CPU first?

a) first-come, first-served scheduling
b) priority scheduling
c) shortest job scheduling
d) Round robin scheduling

5. Which operator is used to start for enter the formula in in Excel cell?

a) $
b) @
c) =
d) +

6. Which looping process checks the test condition at the end of the loop?

a) for
b) while
c) do-while
d) Nested loop

7. How to insert an image in web page using HTML tag?

a) <img=...>
b) <img source=...>
c) <img src=...>
d) <img href=..>

8. Which image format is best used for photographs and offers a small file size? (U)

a) PNG
b) GIF
c) BMP

9. Which of following is monitors user activity on internet and transmit that information in the background to someone else? (U)

a) Malware
b) Spyware
c) Adware
d) Virus

Group 'B'

Give short answer to the following questions. (5 x 5=25)

1. Explain different types of secondary memory of computer system.


Describe the decimal to binary number conversion process with example.

2. What are the functions of operating system? Describe.

3. Define different types of CSS.


Explain the different components of multimedia.

4. Differentiate between the do and while loop.

5. Suggest the prevention methods of cybercrime.

Group 'C'

Give long answer to the following question (2 x 8=16)

6. Explain computer architecture with block diagram and functions of its components.


Write a program to input the elements of 4 x 3 matrix and prints its elements properly using array.

7. Draw AND, OR, XOR and XNOR gates with truth table and logic gates.

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