Compulsory English | Class 12 | Question Paper 2078 [2021] | Sub Code: 004D | NEB (Old Course) - Download in PDF

compulsory english class 12 question paper sub code 004D neb old course download
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DRG Vlogs presents you the question paper of class 12 compulsory English (Old Course) with subject code-004D held in the year 2078-2021.

Compulsory English - Class 12
Examination - 2078 (2021)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 004 ‘D’
(Old Course)
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 100
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. [5x3=15]

Physical dependence on alcohol specifically known as alcohol addiction-takes place gradually because drinking alters the balance of some chemicals in the brain such as gamma-aminobutyric acid, which inhibits impulsiveness, and glutamate, which excites the previous system. Alcohol also raises the levels of dopamine in the brain, which is associated with the pleasurable aspects of drinking alcohol. Other factors can lead to excessive drinking that contributes to the addiction process. These includes genetics, emotional and psychological factors, and social and cultural factors.

Earlies drinking can make the victim on addict over time. Consuming more than 14 drinks a week for men or seven drinks a week for woman increases the risk of developing dependence on alcohol. Moreover the fact that drinking by itself is just one of the risk factors that contribute to alcoholism should be enough to keep all those who are same away from alcohol. Other risk factors may be age, genetics, gender family history and emotional orders.

Alcohol acts as a sedative. Thus it depresses the central nervous system. Initially alcohol may only stimulate, but as drinking continues, sedating or calming effects occur. By depressing the control centres of your brain and nervous system and cause fatigue, short term memory loss, as well as weakness and paralysis of your eye muscles. It can also have other severe health effects such as liver disorders, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular problems, diabetes complications.


a) How does alcohol drinking transform the person into addict?
b) What are some of the factors of alcohol which contributes to the addiction process?
c) According to the speaker, what is the frequency of drinks which increases risks of dependence on alcohol?
d) How does alcohol depress the central nervous system?
e) Summarise the passage briefly.

2. Answer any five of the following questions. [5x3=15]

a) How does the speaker express his closeness to his grandmother? (The Grandmother)

b) Explain the significance of the statement "a village cat driven by huger to eat cucumber in the Kitchen garden." (About Love)

c) What type of family will adopt a fifteen year old male child and an eleven year old child with a number of health problem? (The Children Who Wait)

d) Who are travelling through the dark? Did they all express concern for the miserable condition of the deer? (Travelling through the Dark)

e) Describe the situation which compels the narrator to confess him crime? (The Tell-tale Heart)

f) Hansel and Gretel is a story of 'hope, victory as well as fear'. Explain. (Hansel and Gretel)

3. Answer any one of the following questions. [10]

a) How does Moti Nissani portray his overall picture regarding the unhealthy condition of environment? What are the solutions? (Two Long Term Problems...)

b) What is the significance of the repetition of words "Now they are going to see who I am"? What could be the purpose of the boy, the narrator of the story? (The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship)

4. Change the suggestions below using ought to, ought not to, might as, well there's no point in +ing form, whichever is correct. [5]

a) Ask him politely - he might get angry.

b) Let's not buy it - it's not worth anything anyway.

c) Don't take your shoes off - it's too cold.

d) Why don't you use this pen - it writes well.

e) Let's not talk here - they are doing homework.

5. What do the following statement suggest? Rewrite them using seem. [5]

a) He studies till late night always and goes to his friend's house whenever he is free.

b) Children go to school very easily.

c) These labours work till 8.0 pm comfortably.

d) Farmers have grown a lot of rice this year.

e) My mother used to wake me up early in the morning and asked me to get ready at 6 o'clock.

6. Rewrite these sentences, beginning if there is one thing ... [5]

a) I loathe people who drive carelessly.

b) I dislike people who forget to feed their pets.

c) People who lose other's possessions annoy me.

d) I hate people who make me waiting for a long time.

e) People who take other's books without asking annoy me.

7. Change these sentences below using sure to, certain to, bound to, likely to, or unlikely to whichever is correct. [5]

a) By the end of the century cars will probably be obsolete.

b) I doubt if the leader will reach in time.

c) The fertilizer will probably be supplied in time.

d) The price of computer will definitely go down.

e) I am sure a new C.E.O. will be appointed soon.

8. Change the following direct questions into indirect questions as in the example. Begin with the words given... [5]


How much does sugar cost for a kilo these days?
Do you know how much sugar costs for a kilo these days?

a) Does she like classical music these days?

Can you remember... ?

b) How long will you be staying in Pokhara?

They want to know... .

c) When is your next record going to be released?

I have been trying to know... .

d) Did he look angry?

Did you notice... ?

e) What time does the class begin?

She has no idea... .

9. Rewrite the sentences below using must, can't, or may/might whichever is appropriate. [5]

a) Obviously he has been rewarded.

b) Perhaps he went home.

c) I am sure they were not serious.

d) I am certain they were not present at the meeting.

e) I am sure he is working.

10. Write a description of a person who the police are searching in connection of kidnapping a businessman in the town. [5]

11. Imagine about a beautiful tourists spot in your country, then write a paragraph about the place describing it's beauty, and the things of attraction for visitors. [5]

12. Write an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of social media. [10]

13. Write a letter to your friend advising him to spend his time reading environmental literature rather than listening to music on foreign language and culture. (Write XYZ in place of address and signature.) [10]

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View the question paper of Compulsory English (004'B') | Class 12 | Grade XII | National Examinations Board [NEB] | 2076/2019.
NEB Class 12/Grade XII Compulsory English 004B Question Paper 2076-2019

NEB Class 12/Grade XII Compulsory English 004B Question Paper 2076-2019 

NEB Class 12/Grade XII Compulsory English 004B Question Paper 2076-2019

NEB Class 12/Grade XII Compulsory English 004B Question Paper 2076-2019

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