22 Free Fonts Used In Most Popular Companies Logos | Free Download

DR Gurung
We can see most of the popular companies have nice and unique logo to represent themselves around the world.

We often see these logos on hoardings, websites and many other advertising places. Around the world, there are many Font freaks that always love to get such Fonts and use at least once at their workplace and projects. If you want to add these types of Fonts, then you are in the right place.

I have shared a really good collection of some popular logo free fonts for designers who want these rare fonts in their personal Fonts collection.

In a logo, they will put such fonts together so that the overall structure looks good and nice. Titles and banners’ font size is always big, bold and flamboyant which successfully attract readers. Fonts used should not be too small that one finds it difficult to read.

22 Free Fonts Used In Most Popular Logos.

I’ve collected some of the popular companies logos here. Like, Facebook Logo Font; Yahoo Logo Font; Paypal Logo Font; Puma Logo Font; Pepsi Logo Font; ESPN Logo Font; National Geographic Logo Font; Ferrari Logo Font; Snickers Logo Font and More … .You can use these fonts for your work giving a complete fresh look for your project. Here are downloadable collection of 22 Free Fonts that are used in most popular companies logos.

1. Facebook Logo Font:
2. Yahoo Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
3. Paypal Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
4. Puma Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
5. Pepsi Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
6. ESPN Logo Font: DOWNLOAD |
7. National Geographic Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
8. John Deere Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
9. Ferrari Logo Font:DOWNLOAD | 

10. WordPress Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |  
11. New York Times Logo:DOWNLOAD |
12. Lexus Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |

13. HSBC Holdings Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
14. Baskin Robbins Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
15. Tutsplus Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
16. Snickers Logo Font: DOWNLOAD |

17. IBM Logo Font:DOWNLOAD | 
18. Linked-in Logo Font: DOWNLOAD | 
19. Swatch Logo Font:DOWNLOAD | 

20. Sega Games Logo Font:DOWNLOAD |
21. Nivea Logo Fonts:DOWNLOAD |
22. Bridgestone Logo Font: DOWNLOAD |

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