Oh, My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose | Question Answers | Summary | WordMeanings

Question answers, summary and word meanings of the poem oh my love is like a red rose by robert burns.
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Summary | Interpretation | Question-Answers | Summary In Nepali | Word Meanings | Of " Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose ". " Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose " was written by Robert Burns. " Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose " is about love, especially the western idea of love. The poet is in love with a beautiful woman. The beloved ( प्रेमिका ) is a means to high emotion and physical separation from the beloved can be inspiring ( प्रेरणादायी ). The lover never dies even if the natural phenomenon stops working. This is the main theme of the poem.

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Word Meanings in Nepali of 'Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose'

'Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose' Nepali Word Meanings
Nepali Meanings 'Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose'

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sprungappeared, grown ( फक्रेको )
melodysweet music ( सङ्गीत माधुर्य )
bonnyslim ( खिरिलो, पातली )
lassgirl friend ( केटी साथी )
meltbecome liquid due to heat ( पग्लनु )
a whilefor some time

Summary In Nepali Of 'Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose'( नेपालीमा सारांश ):

कवि कुनै केटीलाई प्रेम गर्छ। उसकी प्रेमिका जुन महिनामा फक्रेको राम्रो गुलाब जस्तै सुन्दरी छे। ऊ राम्रो सँग बजाएको स्वर माधुर्य जत्तिकै राम्री छ। कविकी प्रेमिका साह्रै राम्री र खिरिली छ। कवि उसकी प्रेमिकालाई समुद्र नसकुन्जेल र घामको तापले चट्टान नपग्लीउन्जेलसम्म माया गर्ने प्रण गर्दछ। मानव जीवनको अस्तित्व भए सम्म प्रेम गर्ने वाचा कविले व्यक्त गरेको छ। आफ्नी प्रेमिका सँग छुट्टिनु पर्यो भने पनि कवि आफ्नी प्रेमिकाको असल जिउ र सुन्दर भविष्यको कामना गर्दै दश हजार मायल भए पनि धाएर भेट्न जाने इच्छा प्रकट गर्दछ।

Summary and Interpretation:

The poet is in love with a woman. The beloved is very beautiful like a red rose of June. She is as sweet as the melody of the musical instrument played in fine tune. The poet's beloved is very fine and slim. The poet loves his beloved till the seas are dried and rocks are melted by the heat of sun. He loves her till the end of human life. Now the poet wishes for the good life and bright future of his beloved. He promises to meet her even if he has to walk ten thousand miles.

Question-Answers Of 'Oh, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose':

Question No. 1: What does the poet compare love to ? ( कविले प्रेमलाई के सँग तुलना गर्छन् ? )
Answer: The poet compares love to a very delicate and beautiful red rose which is newly sprung in June and to the melody which is sweetly played in tune.

Question No. 2: How long, does the poet say, will he love his beloved ? ( कवि कहिले सम्म आफ्नी प्रेमिकालाई प्रेम गर्ने बताउँछन् ? )
Answer: The poet says that he will love his beloved until the seas become dry and the rock is melted by the sun. He also says that he will love her till the human life remains on earth.

Question No. 3: Write an essay on love. ( प्रेमको विषयमा एउटा निबन्ध लेख्नुहोस्। )
Answer: Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, among parent, child, friend etc. It also means the profoundly tender affection for a person of the opposite sex. The human society is based on the foundation of love. It is such a strong maze ( चक्रब्युहू ) through which there is no way out. The definition and meaning of love is applied differently in different ages. In childhood we are loved by our parents and seniors. When we become adult, the attraction towards opposite sex increases. It is the essential factor for the attraction between two sexes. The people become blind in love and value it at the top of everything.
Love is compared with flowers, especially with the rose. From the very beginning of human civilization, it is being considered as the union of two souls. Unselfish lover or beloved sacrifices his/her life for the sack of other. They don't regard the physical union as the end of their love. The people who long for physical love are not the true lovers. It is said that the physical contact is the only way to materialistic (sensual) love.

Love is only the means which has made human existence possible. People love for other rather than for themselves when they are in love. Life without love is like a desert where there is no charm. If there is no charm of life, the people think that life is meaningless. This feeling gives rise to frustration which may result the end of the life. Thus, love is very precious and important thing in life.

Question No. 4: How do you think are poetry and music related ? ( कविता र सङ्गीत कसरी सम्बन्धित छन् ? )
Answer: Poetry and music are related in many ways. Poetry is the written form of literature and it is read silently. If it is read aloud, it itself creates a kind of rhythm. The rhythm is very important element of music. Music is produced from the musical instrument. The melody of music is liked by the people. Like poetry, melody is also a sound in specific pattern.
The musics in the poem is very important element. Without that quality the poem becomes dull and dry. Therefore, music and poetry are interrelated with each other. In poetry certain elements help produce music. These elements are rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, etc. In musics, patterned sound produces melody. Melody in music and the sound pattern created by rhyme or alliteration in poetry are the same thing.
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