Compulsory English | Class 11 | Exam Paper 2070 [2013] | HSEB

DR Gurung
Compulsory English - Class 11
Examination - 2070 (2013)
Regular Students
Time - 3 hrs
F.M. - 100
P.M. -  35

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Attempt all the questions.
(a) Put the following words in alphabetical order: [3]
     estate, eternity, establish, essay, estimate, essential
(b) In which quarter of the dictionary will you find the following words ? [2]
     Last, mother, X-ray, animal

(a) Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense: [3]
     simple present, simple future or present tense
(i) Everyday Shyam.....(go) office by bus.
(ii) The girl.....(get) married six months ago.
(iii) I.....(write) a book, but I don't know how to get it published.
(iv) The earth.....(go) round the sun.
(v) If the balloon bursts, the child.....(ask) for another.
(vi) When I first.....(meet) him in 1999, he was a small boy.
3. Write a short description about your favourite game. [5]

4. Answer any two of the following questions: [2x10=20]

(a) Sketch the character of Malini.
(b) Write a summary of the poem 'The Poplar Field'.
(c) "Helen Turrell" is ashamed that Michael is her son'. Do you agree with this statement ?

5. Answer any three of the following questions: [3x5=15]

(a) Describe the woman who visited Mr. Sakota's pharmacy late at night.
(b) What popular misconceptions about migraine headaches does Didion want to correct ?
(c) How does Hampl see herself and her mother connected by the tea cup ?
(d) Justify "Concrete Cat" as a Concrete poem.

6. Read the following passage and answer the questions below: [5x2=10]

There have been epidemics, even pandemics before, then why should AIDS be seen as such a special case, a problem with so many dimensions ? To understand this, it is necessary to recognize the special feature of this disease. The first ground of it's uniqueness is that it combines two features not previously found together in quite such stark and absolute terms. There are, firstly, that it is the most prominently a sexually transmitted complaint and, secondly, that it is deadly disease lacking at present any medical means of prevention or cure. To expand these characteristics a little further, it is necessary to say that, in the case of this diseases, a person, once infected, is infected for life-but also infectious; that this condition is without visible effects for a number of years, during which a person becomes increasingly more, not less, infectious to others. 'Infectious' however, is to be understood not in the sense of more modest illness, in which a disease may be easily passed from person to person in ordinary social contact, but in the sense that it is likely to transmitted only in highly specific ways: sexual intercourse or blood to blood contamination. As far as the absence of a cure is concerned, it is important to stress that this is a virus infection. In medical treatment of the many other illness, the sufferer's immune system itself overcomes the infection. But the AIDS virus destroys the natural immune system, so creating a problem that has never before been encountered.

(a) Why is AIDS treated as a special case ?  
(b) How is so dangerous about AIDS ?
(c) How AIDS get transmitted ?
(d) How is AIDS different to other virus illness ?
(e) Why AIDS is considered to have a problem never before been encountered ?

7. Answer any two of the following questions: [2x10=20]

(a) Write a letter to a local newspaper proposing a solution to the problem of traffic jam in your town.
(b) You have just come back from a disappointing holiday. Write to your friend describing how it was different from what you had expected.
(Don't mention your name, school's name and address. Write xyz in the place of your name and address.)
(c) Write a few paragraphs about the growing use of computers in our daily life.

8. Change the voice of the following sentences: [5]

(a) The gunmen are holding the hostages in an old farm house.
(b) The company pays her a huge salary.
(c) People give me something to eat now and again.
(d) I always get blamed if the food is not good.
(e) Is anyone using this room ?
9. Write two sentences about each of those people: [5]
Example: Peter is unemployed.
              (a) He hasn't found a job yet.
              (b) He is still looking for a job.
(a) Jack's library book is overdue.
(b) Olga's article is only half written.
(c) Axel doesn't have driving license.
(d) Wendy's house is still in the market.
(e) The hostages are still in the building.

10. Change the following sentences using used to: [5]

(a) He lived in France as a boy.
(b) At one time there were trees in the garden.
(c) They came out in those days.
(d) I was in love with her.
(e) How did you spend the winter evening ?

11. Make two sentences for each each of the following using.

     (i) too (ii) not...enough. Use for only when it is necessary.
Example: You can't drink fruit juice everyday. It's expensive.
               The fruit juice is too expensive to drink everyday.
               The fruit juice is not cheap enough to drink everyday.
(a) She spoke very fast. I could not understand her.
(b) Don't send your son to school. He is very young.
(c) The ceiling was very high. My mother could not touch it.
(d) You'd better not sit on the ground. It's damp.
(e) We arrived late. We could not attend the meeting.

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