Biology | Botany/Zoology | Grade XI | Exam Paper 2074 [2017] | National Examinations Board

biology botany zoology grade xi exam paper 2074-2017 neb nepal
DR Gurung
Biology (Botany+Zoology) - Grade XI
Examination - 2074 (2017)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 114 ‘A’
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75
Pass Marks - 27
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
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Note:This question paper contains Botany portion in Group 'A' and Zoology portion in Group 'B'. So use separate answer sheets for Group 'A' and Group 'B'. First use answer sheet for Group 'A'.

Group 'A'

Attempt all the questions:
1. Answer in short on any seven. [7x1=7]
a) What is nuclear membrane?
b) Define cytoplasmic streaming?
c) Mention about mitosis.
d) What does it mean by species?
e) Write positive effects of bacteria.
f) What do you mean by roots?
g) Define corolla.
h) Illustrate food web.
i) What is antibiosis?
j) Mention about ammonification.
2. Describe in brief of any five. [5x3=15]
a) Functions of lipid.
b) Structure and function of chloroplast.
c) Importance of mitosis.
d) Scope of diversity.
e) Lateral conjugation of spirogyra.
f) Male cone of Pinus.
g) Importance of land management.

3. Define alternation of generation and discuss the process with special reference to life cycle of Fern. [7.5]
Describe the family Leguminosae in semitechnical terms with identifying characters, floral diagram and floral formula with examples of economic value.

4. What is ecosystem? Discuss in detail about the main components of ecosystem with suitable examples. [8]
Group 'B'
Attempt all the questions.

1. Answer in short on any seven. [7x1=7]
a) Define the term Omithology.
b) Write the full form of IUCN.
c) How is Zoology related with Chemistry?
d) Differentiate between primary and secondary pollutants.
e) Give the reasons of fish migration.
f) Write two volant features of bat.
g) What do you understand by leadership?
h) What are analogous organ? Give example.
i) Why do frog go under hybernation?
j) Give the scientific name of Grarden snail and tapeworm.

2. Describe in brief of any five. [5x3=15]
a) Describe the sporogony phase of life cycle of Plasmodium.
b) Draw a well labelled diagram of internal structure of heart of Frog. (No description required)
c) Describe the causes of wildlife extinction.
d) Enlist the functions of liver of Frog.
e) Describe Miller & Urey's experiment.
f) Explain draw-backs of theory of Natural Selection.
g) Mention the characteristic features of Class-Mammalia.

3. Define conjugation. Describe its process in Paramecium with labelled diagram. [7.5]
What is digestion? Give an account on the digestive tract of Pheretima with suitable diagram.

4. Discuss the evolution of modern man from proconsul. [8]

View Biology Question Paper of 2074/2017 NEB:
Biology [Botany/Zoology] Exam Paper 2074-2018

Biology [Botany/Zoology] Exam Paper 2074-2018

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