Physics | Grade XI | Examination Paper 2074 [2017] | National Examinations Board

DR Gurung
Physics - Grade XI
Examination - 2074 (2017)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 110 ‘A’
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75
Pass Marks - 27
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Attempt all the questions.

You may use the following values of physical constants wherever necessary.
Physical Constant Values
Group 'A'

1. Answer in brief any six questions. [6x2=12]

a) Explain why liquid drops are spherical in shape?
b) Why is bottom of a ship made heavy? Explain.
c) Resultant of two equal forces may have the magnitude equal to one of the forces. At what angle between the two equal forces this is possible? Justify your answer.

d) Will the Youngs's modulus of elasticity change if the load hanging on it is doubled? Why?
e) Velocities of two bodies A and B are given in vector notation as 
Vector Notation
Vector Notation

respectively. What will be the relative velocity of B with respect to A in this notation?
f) Distinguish between gravitational potential and gravitational field strength.
g) Does the angular momentum of a body moving in a circular path change? Give explanation to your answer.

2. Answer in brief any two questions. [2x2=4]

a) Why not an ideal heat engine is cent per cent efficient?
b) Explain why dews are formed in clear night but not in cloudy night.
c) When a car is driven some distance, the air pressure in the tyre increases. Why?

3. Answer in brief any one question. [2]

a) How do the colours of light related with the refractive index of lens? Explain.
b) What do you understand by minimum deviation in the case of refraction through a prism? Plot a graph between angle of incidence and the deviation produced.

4. Answer in brief any one question. [2]

a) Can two electric lines of force ever intersect? Explain.
b) Two parallel plate capacitors identical in shape and size are filled with air and mica separately. Which one has larger capacitance? Write a proper relation in support of your answer.

Group 'B'

5. Answer any three questions. [3x4=12]

a) A projectile is projected with a velocity V making an angle θ with the horizontal. Derive relation for its trajectory. Also show the components of velocity at any point on the trajectory in a diagram.
b) What is a conical pendulum? Derive an expression for it's time period.
c) Explain the concept of torque and angular acceleration in the case of a rigid body. Derive a relation between them.
d) Derive Stoke's method to find the coefficient of viscosity of a liquid in the laboratory with necessary theory.

6. Answer any two questions. [2x4=8]

a) State Newton's Law of cooling. Describe how is this law applied to determine the specific heat capacity of a liquid.
b) Derive expression for the pressure exerted by a gas on the basis of kinetic theory.
c) Why does a gas have two molar heat capacities? Derive relation between them for an ideal gas.

7. Answer any one question. [4]

a) What do you understand by accommodation and adaptation of an eye? How are the defects related to myopic and hyper-metropic defects corrected?
b) Derive mirror formula in the case of concave mirror. Also discuss the nature of the image formed due to object placed at different positions.
8. Answer any one question. [4]

a) State and explain Gauss Law of electrostatics. Apply it to obtain an expression for electric field of a linearly charged body?
b) Are electric potential and electric field vector quantities? Justify with their definitions. Also obtain an expression for electric potential at a point due to a point charge.

Group 'C'

9. Solve any three questions: [3x4=12]

a) A box of mass 15 kg placed on horizontal floor is pulled by a horizontal force. What will be the work done by the force if the coefficient of sliding friction between the box and the surface of the floor is 0.3 and body moved at unit distance.
b) A body of mass 0.1 kg is undergoing simple harmonic motion of amplitude 1 m and period 0.2 second. If the oscillation is produced by a spring, what will be the maximum value of the force and the force constant of the spring?
c) A stationary mass explodes into two parts of mass 4 units and 40 units respectively. If the larger mass has an initial K.E. 10 J, what is the initial kinetic energy of the smaller mass?
d) The period of moon revolving under the gravitational force of the earth is 27.3 days. Find the distance of the moon from the centre of the earth if the mass of earth is 5.97x1024 kg.

10. Solve any two questions: [2x4=8]

a) A seconds pendulum made of brass keeps correct time at 10°C. How many seconds it will lose or gain per day when the temperature of its surrounding rises to 10°C ?

b) Estimate the power loss through unit area from a perfectly black body at 327°C to the surrounding environment at 27°C?
c) An ideal heat engine operates between two reservoirs at two temperatures. In order to achieve 30% efficiency when the temperature of the sink is 27°C, what should be the temperature of the source?

11. An object is placed at a distance 30 cm from a thin lens of power 4 Dioptre. Discuss the nature of image formed by the lens. [4]

12. Two capacitors of capacitances 5μF and 15μF respectively are connected in series with a battery of 220V. Find the charge and potential across each capacitor. [3]

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