SEE - 2074 (2018)
Code - RE-123'CC'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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सबै प्रश्नहरुको उत्तर दिनुहोस्। (Answer all the questions.)

समूह 'क' (Group 'A')
Write very short answer of the following questions. [7x1=7]

1. Mention any two socio-cultural features of province no. 3.
2. Write one important achievement that Nepal achieved in reference to the Millennium Development Goals.
3. In your view, why was Lumbini enlisted in the world heritage site?
4. Write a role that local government can play to control domestic violence.
5. Write a social effect brought in the country after the People's Movement 2062/63.
6. What should Nepal do to make hydro power sector more effective? Present an appropriate suggestion.
7. Write any one negative effect which may be caused by globalization.
समूह 'ख' (Group 'B')

Write short answer of the following questions. [10x4=40]

8. There are high possibilities of hydroelectricity development in Province no. 6, how? Write with example.
9. What are the challenges to obtain the goals of sustainable development in Nepal? Write them.

10. 'We observe the Martyr's Day to respect the contribution of our Martyrs.' Make a list of any four programmes for the celebration of this day effectively.

11. What suggestion would you give to a person or group aspiring to open an institution to protect and develop the orphans and destitute children? State any four suggestions which they can do in this regard.

12. Suppose, you are given the responsibility of Chief Minister of your province through recently held election. Write any four points on the role you play for the development of your province.

13. If you reach in Savana grassland of Africa, mention four things that you can enjoy and four problems that you may face there.

14. What do you mean by Global Positioning System (GPS)? What are the three reasons to use Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System for modern mapping.

15. Show the given table in time line.
मिति (Date)
घटना (Events)
सन् १९१४ जुन २८
AD 1914 June 28th
अष्ट्रिया हंगेरीका राजकुमार फ्रेन्ज फ्राडिनाण्डको हत्या
Murder of the crown prince of Austria-Hungary Franz Fredinand
सन् १९१७ अप्रिल ६
AD 1917 April 6th
अमेरिका बाट जर्मनी बिरुद्द युद्दको घोषणा
The USA declared war against Germany
सन् १९१९ जनवरी १८
AD 1919 January 18th
पेरिस शान्ति सम्मेलन सम्पन्न
Paris Peace Conference was held.
सन् १९२० जनवरी १०
AD 1920 January 10th
रास्ट्रसंघको स्थापना
Establishment of the League of Nations
16. Give your opinion on the following statement and suggest in three points to the person aspiring to avoid tax.
'Hey, I don't want to pay tax rather I show less income and save money, I can get interest if I deposit in a bank.'
17. When was the UNO established? Give the historical background of its establishment.

समूह 'ग' (Group 'C')

Write long answer of the following questions. [4x7=28]

18. Clarify the importance of Election Code of Conduct. What roles should Election Commission have to play to implement Election Code of Conduct effectively? Analyse in points.

19. Draw a full page map of Nepal and insert the following facts in it.
- River Dudhkoshi
- Gadhimai Temple
- Lake Begnas
- Ghorahi
Draw a map of South America and insert the following facts there.
- Equator
- Gulf of Guina
- Lake Malawi
- Mt. Cameroon

20. The political situation of Nepal is highly ebb and flow between the period of 2007 B.S. to 2063 B.S. State any six reasons.

21. Mention any four sources of non-tax revenue. Process of non-tax revenue collection is different than tax-revenue, how? Present in points.

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SEE Social Studies Question 2074-2018

SEE Social Studies Question 2074-2018

SEE Social Studies Question 2074-2018
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