Temporary Teachers Written Examinations That Is To Be Held on 23 Chaitra, 2074 | CANCELLED | TSC

DR Gurung
Teachers Service Commission has cancelled the exams of the temporary teachers for all levels.

The exam was scheduled to be held on 23 Chaitra, 2074. The announcement is made amidst the protest by the students and concerned teachers.

Earlier Notice - SEE below link:
Teacher Service Commission Written Exam 2074 Important NOTICE!
Teachers Service Commission was determined to conduct the exam on the scheduled date despite of the widespread protests from some groups of teachers and university students. Students had launched the hunger strike for the cancellation of the exam.

The Department of Education along with Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel were very sure of conducting the exam and to solve the matter by holding dialogues with the protesting parties.

The then education minister Gopal man Shrestha had passed the bill for the 9th amendment in the education act to make the provision for 75% internal competition.

According to the 9th amendment of the Education act, government was going to make 75% of the temporary teachers permanent through the internal examination and the failed teachers were being departed by the golden handshake program.

A total of 23 thousand 2 hundred and 85 teachers from across the community schools of the country had applied for the 22 thousand and 76 permanent positions. Examination was being taken on the basis of three categories of the teachers, the ones who were appointed before 2049, Poush 02, then after from Poush 02 to 2061 Shrawan 21 and those form Shrawan 21 to 2072 Aswin 02. Teachers securing 40% marks will be declared pass and given the permanent teaching license. The 9th amendment was made by the proposal of the-then Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha. He had been blamed for coming under political pressure and reserving seats through the internal examination only. Students and various concerned education experts have been demanding for open competition for providing the license.

Despite of the easy exam format through the 9th amendment, some of the temporary teachers are insistent on not giving the examination. A group of teachers even started the protest and campaign demanding the automatic permanent teaching position and cancellation of the examination. The group had been running the indefinite protest in Bhadrakali of Kathmandu. They have said that all the temporary teachers should be made permanent by a common procedure. Only 75% to be made permanent is an unfair procedure. Additionally, the protest also demanded for letting the teachers appointed after 2072 to participate in the examination as well. According to education expert, Bidhyanath Koirala, to conduct the examination according to the new amendment against the 8th Education Act is in itself against the law.

After the cancellation, now open and internal examination will be held simultaneously.

View the image notice below:
TSC Temporary Teachers Written Exams 2074 Postponed
DR Gurung
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