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chemistry grade xi upgrading supplementary examination paper 2074-2018 neb
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Chemistry Upgrading (Supplementary) - Grade XI
Examination - 2074 (2018)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 112
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75
Pass Marks - 27
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group 'A'

Attempt any fifteen questions. [15x2=30]

1. How many numbers of moles of CO will be left when 2x1021 molecules are removed from 0.28gm of CO? [2]

2. How does Dalton's atomic theory explain the law of conservation of mass. [2]

3. Define surface tension and writes it unit. [1+1]

4. Differentiate between Crystalline solid and Amorphous with an example of each. [2]

5. Name the quantum number that specifies the energy of an electron in an atom. What designation is given to an orbital having n=3 and ℓ=2.[1+1]

6. Calculate the atomic number and number of p-electrons of an atom whose valence shell electronic configuration is 4S2. [2]

7. What is meant by nuclear fission reaction? Write an example of it. [1+1]

8. Write down the Lewis structure of [1+1]

i) N2S2O3 ii) O3

9. H2O gets angular structure whereas CO2 gets linear. Why? [2]

10. Which ion would you expect to have smaller size and why? [1+1]
Mg++ or Na+

11. Calculate the oxidation number of [1+1]
i) C in HCOONa
ii) Cl in KClO3

12. What is the effect of increase of pressure and decrease of temperature in the following chemical equilibrium? [1+1]

i) 2SO2(g) + O2(g)⇌ 2SO3(g) + heat

13. Which one is more stable and why Ortho Hydrogen or Para Hydrogen. [1+1]

14. How are chlorofluorocarbon responsible for the depletion of ozone layer? [2]

15. What is meant by allotropy? Name the hardest allotrope of carbon and it's use. [1+1]

16. Give a balanced chemical reaction for the preparation of PH3 in the laboratory when it is treated with O2. [1+1]

17. Define the terms: Gangue and Slag, giving proper example of each. [2]

18. What happens when: [1+1]

i) Gypsum salt is heated at 1200C ii) Chlorine gas is passed through slaked lime.

19. Write down IUPAC name of the following organic compounds. [1+1]

20. Write an example of each of the followings: [1+1]

i) Bayer's test, ii) Wurtz reaction

21. Identify the major products Ⓐ and Ⓑ in the following reaction sequence.

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View Chemistry Upgrading(Supplementary) Question Paper of 2074/2018 NEB:
Upgrading/Supplementary Chemistry Question Paper 2074-2018 NEB

Upgrading/Supplementary Chemistry Question Paper 2074-2018 NEB

Upgrading/Supplementary Chemistry Question Paper 2074-2018 NEB

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