Biology | Botany/Zoology | Grade XII | Exam Paper 2075 [2018] | National Examinations Board

Biology Botany Zoology Grade XII Exam Paper of 2075 [2018] National Examinations Board
DR Gurung
Biology (Botany+Zoology) - Grade XII
Examination - 2075 (2018)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 214 ‘B’
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75
Pass Marks - 27
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Note: This question paper contains Botany portion in Group 'A' and Zoology portion in Group 'B'. So use separate answer sheets for Group 'A' and Group 'B'. First use answer sheet for Group 'A'. alert-success

Group 'A'

Attempt all questions.

1. Answer in short on any seven. [7×1=7]

a) Define meristematic tissue.
b) What is imbibition?
c) Mention the two names of plant hormone.
d) What do you mean by gene pool ?
e) Elaborate offspring.
f) What is grafting ?
g) What does it mean by microsporogenesis ?
h) Define anemophily.
i) Mention about green manure.
j) Illustrate about vaccine.

2. Describe in brief on any five. [5×3=15]

a) structure and function of stomata.
b) Kinds of transpiration.
c) Law of dominance.
d) Semi conservative method of DNA replication.
e) Incomplete dominance.
f) Significance of fermentation technology.
g) Application of genetic engineering in agriculture.

3. Define permanent tissue and discuss the structure and function of simple permanent tissues in detail. [7.5]
Describe the experiment to demonstrate that light is necessary for process of photosynthesis.

4. Describe in detail about Mendel's law of independent assortment up to F2 generation. [8]

Group 'B'

Attempt all the questions:

1. Answer in short on any seven. [7×1=7]

a) Name the covering of lungs .
b) Mention the total amount of blood in an average person .
c) What do you mean by auditory meatus ?
d) What is PEM ?
e) Which structure is called pace maker of the heart ?
f) Which pigment enables us to see in dark ?
g) Mention the importance of Rh factor.
h) What is Polaris ?
i) Give any two applications of vaccines.
j) What are immunosuppressants ?

2. Answer in brief on any five. [5×3=15]

a) Give an account of areolar tissue.
b) How is gastrula formed during the development of frog ?
c) How carbohydrate is digested in human digestive tract ?
d) The role of graafian follicle.
e) How impulse transmitted through a nerve fibre ?
f) Various problems of over population.
g) Advantages of five farming.

3. Describe the structure and functions of an adrenal gland. [7.5]
Describe the structure of a nephron giving its working mechanism.

4. Explain the sources and effects of different types of drugs on health. [8]

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