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question answers of the story friday morning by val henry gielgud.
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Question answers of "Friday Morning". A play - "Friday Morning" was written by Val Gielgud. Val Henry Gielgud was an English actor, writer, director and broadcaster. Val Gielgud was born on April 28, 1900 in South Kensington, London, England as Val Henry Gielgud. He was a pioneer of radio drama for the BBC, and also directed the first ever drama to be produced in the newer medium of television. He was a writer and producer, known for Danger in Paris (1937), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and Regal Cavalcade (1935). He was married to June Bailey, Monica Grey, Rita Grapel, Barbara Dillon and Natasha Mamontoff. He died on November 30, 1981 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

Biography - "Val Henry Gielgud"

⌫ Born April 28, 1900 in South Kensington, London, England, UK
⌫ Died November 30, 1981 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England, UK
⌫ Birth Name Val Henry Gielgud


⌫ June Bailey (1960 - 30 November 1981) ( his death)
⌫ Monica Grey (1955 - 1960) ( divorced)
⌫ Rita Grapel (1946 - 1952) ( divorced)
⌫ Barbara Dillon (1928 - 194?) ( divorced) ( 1 child)
⌫ Natasha Mamontoff (12 September 1921 - 1923) ( divorced)


⌫ Brother of Sir John Gielgud
⌫ Worked for BBC from 1928 - 1952 as Head of Sound Drama, 1948-1952 Head of Drama, 1945-1948 Director of Drama, 1929-1945 Director of Features and Drama.
⌫ Grandfather of the choreographer Piers Gielgud.

In this play "Friday Morning", Val Henry Gielgud presents the balance between fears and hopes even in the fearful condition. The people are on a plane from London to Paris. Halfway through the journey the plane's engine stops working. The different people react differently to the realization that the plane will probably crash. In such condition also they don't lose their heart and maintain perfect balance.

Question and Answers of "Friday Morning" | Friday Morning - Question Answers:

Question No. 1: At what point in the play do you become aware that Shirley is going to elope with Basil? Do you think the temptation of flying acts like a strong motive for the elopement? [नाटकमा Shirley, Basil सँग पोइला जाने कुरा तपाईलाई कुन बेला थाहा हुन्छ? तपाईको विचारमा उड्ने प्रलोभनले पनि पोइला जान दरिलो प्रेरणा दिएको होला?]

Answer: In a restaurant, Basil asks Shirley if she is coming on Friday: She doubts if he wants her to come. At this point we can guess that her inner intention is to go away with him. After some time she herself says that being a sea-sick is not a good start for an elopement. From this opinion of hers, we are convinced that she wants to elope. Although she wants to elope, she does not like to be the sea-sick. When Basil says that they are going to fly and that she will not be sea-sick, then she thinks that it is a marvelous idea. Therefore, I think flying acts like a strong motive for the elopement.

Question No. 2: What's the meaning behind Sandy's remark, "I suppose I can't sell you a parachute. Andu?" How does this remark become ominous (अशुभ सङ्केत) in the light of later developments? ["Andu, म तिमीलाई प्यारासुट बेच्न सक्दिन" Sandy को यो भनाईको अर्थ के हो? पछाडिको घटनाको विकासलाई मध्यनजर राखेर हेर्दा यो भनाईले कसरी भावी अशुभ लक्षणको सङ्केत दिएको छ?]

Answer: The meaning of a Sandy's remark is very clear. It means that if I had a parachute I would give you and you can use it to save your life in case there would be something wrong with the plane. This remark gave the future warning of something bad. There was something wrong with the plane and the pilot had to make a force landing. Therefore, this remark became very ominous in the light of later developments.

Question No. 3: Do you think Hannah has ever flown before? Do you think Janet waits to fly, or she just has to give way to Hannah? [तपाईको विचारमा Hannah पहिला कहिल्यै प्लेनमा उडेकी थिइन्? तपाईको विचारमा Janet आफै उड्न चाहन्छिन् वा Hannah को करले उडेकी हुन्?]

Answer: Hannah's behaviour reflects that she has not flown before but she always has been crazy to fly. Later on when McLaurin says that they were off, both Janet and Hannah ask if that is so. In my opinion Janet waits to fly but she does not say so at that moment. But on Friday morning at the airport, Hannah says that she is surprised at her aunt. Then Janet says, "You can't be half as surprised as I'm surprised at myself. Flying indeed, I guess we're both crazy, Hannah."

Question No. 4: In the times of emergency who plays the strong "man": man or woman? Give examples. [सङ्कटको घडीमा कसले नडराइकन काम गर्छ : पुरुष वा नारी? उदाहरण दिनुहोस्।]

Answer: In times of emergency, Sir Edward Harwood acts like a strong man. Rest of the people are worried of either about themselves or about their relatives. But he analyzes the situation very closely. He says that it may have been caused by birds. Flying lower is quite good and if the pilot is a bit careful, their life can be saved, he thinks. He wants to kick the Steward and is sorry for Basil and Shirley because he may not be able to have lunch with them though he has already invited them.

Question No. 5: Write an essay on "A Flight by Aeroplane". [हवाइजहाज यात्राको विषयमा एउटा निबन्ध लेख्नुहोस्]

Answer: Recently, modern science and technology has changed modern life a lot. Especially in the field of transportation and communication, the progress is incomparable. An aeroplane is one of the easiest and fastest means of transport. The world has become a narrow place due to the modern means of transportation. Aeroplane now-a-days is used to carry a heavy load of cargo and passengers. Passengers can fly in comfortable way from any place to their destination without any problem.

The concept of global village has been possible because of the air travel. People can reach London to dine after having breakfast in Kathmandu. This rapid mode of travelling has radically changed men's habit and their thinking. It has fulfilled man's age-long desire to fly in the sky like a bird. Now-a-days people can reach where they desire within few hours. The journey itself is cozy and comfortable as compared with the journey by bus or train.

Question No. 6: Discuss the advantages of air travel as compared with travel by ship, train, and car. [जहाज, रेल वा कारको यात्रासँग तुलना गर्दै हवाईयात्राको फाइदाको छलफल गर्नुहोस्]

Answer: Modern science and technology have brought about a great change in the field of transportation. People now-a-days can travel through air, water and land according to their wish. The invention of the aeroplane has brought a great change in men's life. The world has become a narrow place.

In the old days, people used to travel by ships in the sea, but it was very boring and more time consuming task. People even travel by cars and trains both for short as well as long distance. Aeroplane is the fastest means of transport as compared with ship, train and car. For ships water is a must.

Similarly railway line is essential for train and it is impossible to travel abroad in a car. But for the aeroplane, no road or water is necessary once it has taken off. Many people most popularly travel by air these days to save their valuable time. People will not be sea-sick in an aeroplane. Since aeroplane is the fastest means of transportation, the travel wouldn'y be monotonous and boring.

Question No. 7: Write your opinion on: The radio as a rival to the theatre. [नाचघरको प्रतिद्दन्द्दीको रुपमा रेडियो भन्ने विषयमा आफ्नो धारणा लेख्नुहोस्]

Answer: Theatre is the place where the dramas are acted. Traditionally, people used to go to theatre for entertainment. With the development of other means of communication and entertainment, the number of theatre-goers has remarkably decreased.

In the theatre the scean-sound and the facial appearances of characters make the performance of a play life-like. But in the radio only the sound can be heard. In this sense radio cannot replace the theatre but in the modern time people are very busy and have no time to go to the theatre. So, they listen to the radio and enjoy the play. To perform play in the theatre is very expensive because expert actors and actresses should rehearse it many times. Every time all the characters and others engaged are presented. But the radio drama is once recorded and can be played any time. The people should not go to the theatre and can listen even in the busiest time. Because of the time saving, production cost, popularity and other factors, the radio has become a rival to the theatre.

Short Question Answers of "Friday Morning"

Question No. 1: Why is the newspaper editor not very interested in the story about the crash?

Answer: The newspaper editor is not very interested in the story about the crash because he thinks that other stories about the war are much more important.

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