Grade IV (4) Notes of Chapter Three (3) - Input Devices.


1. Put a tick () in the correct statements and cross (X) in the false ones.

a. The most commonly used input devices are mouse and monitor. (X)
b. You need to press the shift key to type special characters. ()
c. Ctrl and Alt keys are used to move the cursor in the document. (X) 
d. To type all the letters in capital, you need to turn off the Alt key. (X)
e. Right clicking on an item usually displays a list of commands. ()
f. The touch screen replaces the use of mouse and light pen. ()
g. Touch pad is mostly used to input pictures into the computer. (X)
h. Microphone is used to input sounds into the computer. ()
i. Scanner is also called the direct entry input device. ()

2. Match the following devices with their uses.
Solution of Match the following Devices :)
3. Write down the function of the following special keys:

When we do any mistake we can remove the mistake using the delete key.
It erases the letter to the left of the cursor.
The key is used to type all the letters in capital or uppercase.
The key is used to type in capital letters and it is also used to type special characters.
It is used to confirm the given instruction to the computer.
It is used to put a blank space between letters, numbers or words.
4. Answer the following questions:
a. What are input devices? List any four input devices.
Answer: The devices that are used to give data and instruction to the computer are called input devices.
The four input devices are:-
  1. Mouse
  2. Scanner
  3. Web camera
  4. Keyboard.

b. What is keyboard? Write different groups of keys.
Answer: Keyboard is the basic input device which is used to enter data and instructions into the computer.
The different groups of keys are:-
  1. Alphanumeric keys
  2. Control keys
  3. Navigation keys
  4. Numeric keypad.
c. What is mouse? How can you hold the mouse?
Answer: The mouse is a basic input device and it is also called the pointing device.
We can hold the mouse gently with our index finger resting on the left button and our thumb resting on the side.

d. What are the different mouse actions?
Answer: The different mouse actions are:-
  1. Pointing
  2. Clicking (Single-clicking)
  3. Double clicking
  4. Right-clicking
  5. Dragging.
e. Write short notes on:
i. Touch pad
ii. Touch screen
iii. Scanner
iv. Webcam
v. Microphone.

5. Write single word for the following:

a. The device which is used to input sound to the computer. Microphone
b. The longest key of the keyboard. Spacebar
c. An input device which is used to take photos and puts into the computer. Web camera
d. The process of processing left mouse button and moving it together. Dragging

6. Complete the following crossword:

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