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SEE Computer Science Question Paper 2075-2019 re-334
DR Gurung
SEE - 2075 (2019)
Time: 1hr 30 minutes
Full Marks: 50
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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

Group 'A'

Computer Fundamental (22 Marks)

1. Answer the following questions): [5x2=10]

a. Write any two features of Guided Media.
b. Write any four advantages of Internet.
c. What is multimedia?
d. How Password secure the data?
e. Write any two preventive measures to protect computer from computer virus.

a. Perform the conversion as per the direction: [2x1=2]
(i) (217)10 into Binary (ii) (39C)16 into Decimal.
b. Perform the binary calculation): [2x1=2]
(i) 1011 x 11 (ii) 110111 − 11001

3. Match the following: [4x0.5=2]

Group 'A' Group 'B'
(a) HUB (i) communication Media
(b) TCP/IP (ii) Network connection device
(c) UTP (iii) Windows NT
(d) NOS (iv) Protocol

(v) computer security

4. Select the best answer of the following: [4x0.5=2]

Choose the best answer of the following:

a. The physical structure of Computer Network.
(i) protocol
(ii) Topology
(iii) MAN
(iv) cabaling

b. Which is not an Internet service .
(i) E-commerce
(ii) NIC
(iii) www
(iv) E-mail

c. Which is not a computer virus ?
(i) kaspersky
(ii) message carrying virus
(iii) Boot sector virus
(iv) Program virus

d. Topology where all the computer are connected to a central connecting device, HUB or switch
(i) BUS
(ii) STAR
(iii) TREE
(iv) RING

5. Write the appropriate technical terms of the following: [4x0.5=2]

a. A powerful computer which controls and co-ordinates all computers connected in a network.
b. The volume of bits that can be transferred per second through the communication media.
c. Making duplicate copy of file or data.
d. Illegal activities committed through the use of computer and Internet.

6. Write the full form: [4x0.5=2]
(i) STP
(ii) PDF
(iii) NIC
(iv) IRC 

Group 'B'

Database (10 Marks)

7. Answer the following questions): [3x2=6]

a. Write any two advantages of Database Management system.
b. What is primary key?
c. Write any two functions of form. 

8. State whether the following statements are true or false: [4x0.5=2]

a. The size of currency data type is 10 Bytes. b. Valadation rule will limit data entry.
c. Indexing is the process of arranging the records in ascending or descending order.
d. Select query is used to retrieve and display records from the selected table.

9. (Match the following): [4x0.5=2]

Group 'A' Group 'B'
(a) yes/No (i) 4 Bytes
(b) Long Integer (ii) Ms Access object
(c) OLE (iii) Picture
(d) Report (iv) 1 Bit

(v) 8 Bytes

Group 'C' 

Programming (18 Marks)

a. Define logical operators [1]
b. Write any two advantages of structure programming. [1]
c. Write the function of the following command /statements: [1] (i) FILES (ii) WRITE

11. Re-write the given program after correcting the bugs: [4x0.5=2]

INPUT "Any String"; N$
X$ = reverse$(N$)
FUNCTION reverse (N$)
L = LEN$(N$)
FOR X = L To 1 STEP - 1
A$ = MID$ (N$,X,1)
B$ = B$+A$
B$ = reverse$ (N$)

12. Write the output of the following program: [2]

DECLARE SUB series ( )
CALL series
SUB series
X = 1
FOR K = 1 TO 4
X = X + K

13. Study the following program and answer the given questions: [2x1=2]

N = 5
FOR X = 1 TO N
S = S + X

a) In the above program how many times does the FOR ........ NEXT loop executes ?
b) Write the name of the procedure used in the above program. 

a. Write a program to calculate the average of three numbers using FUNCTION procedure. [3]
b. Write a program to print the total number of vowels alphabets present in the given word using SUB procedure. [3]
c. A data file "STAFF. dat" has stored records of few employees with EmPID, First name, Lastname, post and salary. Write a program to display all the records of the employees whose salary is more than 40,000. [3]

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