Financial Institutions and Markets
Subject Code: FIN-252
Year: IV Year/MGMT
Program: BBS 4 Year Program
Level: Bachelor
Year: 2076
Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hrs.

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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group "A"

Brief Answer Questions:
Attempt ALL the questions. [10x2=20]

1. Define financial markets and give the examples of primary markets and secondary markets.

2. List out the monetary policy tools available to the central bank. Explain one in brief.

3. What is the after-tax yield on a bond if current yield on it is 8 percent and marginal tax rate applicable to the investors is 30 percent?

4. What will be the yield on a Treasury bill with 100 days to maturity, a face value of Rs. 100,000 and selling for Rs. 97,569 on an bank discount basis?

5. Miss Nilakshi believes that common stock of Nabil Bank on February 5 is overpriced at Rs. 1,305 per share. Suppose she calls her broker and wants to sell 100 shares of Nabil bank at Rs. 1,305 per share. Her broker borrows 100 shares from Miss Minakshi and sells them at Rs. 1,305 per shares. After one week she asked her broker to buy 100 shares at Rs. 1,300 per share on her account. How much she gained on short selling of shares?

6. Describe the margin transactions briefly.

7. What is zero-coupon bond?

8. Distinguish between cumulative and noncumulative preferred stock.

9. What is sovereign risk?

10. Give an example of the impact of foreign exchange risk on the revenue of financial institutions.

Group 'B'

Short Answer Questions:
Attemt any FIVE questions. [5x10=50]

11. Explain the roles of financial assets in the economy. [10]

12. What are the services provided by financial institutions? Explain. [10]

13. Consider the following components of core capital and supplementary capital of a bank:

Paid up capital     Rs. 2,000 million
Share premium    Rs. 200 million
General reserves     Rs. 400 milliom
Subordinated term loans     Rs. 1,000 millions
General loan loss provision     Rs. 20 million
Investment adjustment reserve     Rs. 120 million

a. Calculate core capital of the bank.
b. Calculate the supplementary capital of the bank.
c. Suppose the bank has total risk-weighted assets of Rs. 40,000 million and the minimum core capital ratio as prescribed by the central bank is 6 percent. Does the bank have adequate core capital as prescribed by the central bank? [3x2+4=10]

14. Nepal Rastra bank purchased government securities for Rs. 40 million in February 2017. The required reserve ratio is 8 percent.

a. What is the total demand deposit created by the injection of Rs. 40 million in the banking system?
b. What is the money multiplier?
c. What will be the new level of M1, if the present level of M1 is Rs. 2,400 billions?
d. Interpret the money multiplier calculated in (b). [3x3+1=10]

15. What do you mean by corporate senior securities? Explain the major money market corporate senior securities. [10]

16. The market price of the stock of Dhaulagiri Company is Rs. 50 per share and there are one million shares outstanding. Suppose that the management of this company is considering a rights offering in connection with the issuance of 500,000 new shares. Each current shareholder would receive one right for every two shares owned. The terms of the rights offering are as follows; for two rights and Rs. 45 (the subscription price), a new share can be acquired.

a. What would be the share price be after the rights offering?
b. What is the value of one right?  [5+5=10]

Group "C"

Analytical Answer Questions [2x15=30]
Attempt any TWO question.

17. What is insurance? Explain the different types of insurance. [3+12=15]

18. XYZ mutual fund with 10 million shares outstanding has a portfolio with a market value of Rs. 215 million and liabilities of Rs. 15 million on January 10. On the following day XYZ paid all its liabilities, and value of its portfolio remains the same as on January 10. On January 12, the value of portfolio of the fund increases to Rs. 220 million with no liabilities and the outstanding number of the shares remains the same at the beginning of January 12 as on January 10.

a. What is the net value of portfolio of the fund on January 10?
b. What is it's net asset value (NAV) on January 10?
c. What is the net value of the portfolio of the fund on January 11?
d. What is the net asset value (NAV) on January 11?
e. What is the net asset value (NAV) on January 12?
f. If you deposit Rs. 22,000 on January 12, how many shares you will receive?
g. Suppose your friend withdraws Rs. 11,000 on the same day (January 12). How many shares the fund redeemed your friend?
h. What is the net total number of outstanding shares at the end of January 12? [7x2+1=15]

a. Consider the following fixed-rate, level payment mortgage:
Maturity: 360 months
Ammount borrowed: Rs. 100,000
Annual mortgage rate: 10%

i. Construct an amortization schedule for the first 5 months.
ii. What fraction of monthly payment in month 3 represents the principal?
iii. What will the mortgage balance be at the end of 360th month, assuming to prepayments? [4+2+2=8]

b. Explain the method of creating asset backed securities. [7]
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View the question paper of Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN-252) | BBS (Four Years Program) | IV Years | Bachelor Level | Tribhuvan University (TU)

Question Paper of Financial Institutions and Markets FIN-252 BBS IV Year 2076

Question Paper of Financial Institutions and Markets FIN-252 BBS IV Year 2076

Question Paper of Financial Institutions and Markets FIN-252 BBS IV Year 2076

Question Paper of Financial Institutions and Markets FIN-252 BBS IV Year 2076

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