Compulsory Science Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-111CP | SEE

Compulsory Science Question Paper 2075-2019 re-111cp see
DR Gurung
SEE - 2075 (2019)
COMPULSORY SCIENCE (अनिवार्य विज्ञान)
Code - RE-111'CP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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Answer all the questions. (सबै प्रश्नहरुको उत्तर दिनुहोस्।)

समूह 'क' (Group 'A') [15x1=15]

1. Write short answer of the following questions.

a. What is an acceleration due to gravity?

b. Name two instruments which can be constructed on the basis of Pascal's Law.

c. Write two examples of non-renewable source of energy.

d. What is heat equation?

e. Write one example of each instrument that produces less amount of electricity and large amount of electricity.

f. State Modern Periodic Law.

g. Calcium + Sulphuric acid →Calcium sulphate + Hydrogen. Mention its type of chemical reaction.
h. What is Haber's process?

i. What is acetylenses.

j. What is the main function of cerebrospinal fluid.

k. What is the main function of red blood cell?

l. From what two substances chromosome is made up of?

m. Write the name of two plants that reproduce by sporulation process of reproduction.

n. What is mutation?

o. Write two major events occuring on Mesozoic era?

समूह 'ख' (Group 'B') [13x2=26]

2. When a man travels from Hilly region to Terai region, what will happen to his weight? Explain with reasons.

3. An object weights 20 N in air and 16 N in liquid then answer the following questions.
i) What is the upthrust of the liquid on the object?
ii) What is the weight of the displaced liquid? Write with reason.

4. Write any two differences between fossil fuel and bio fuel.

5. During the winter animals sit into curl, why?

6. Write two differences between IA group elements and VIIA group elements.

7. Write the given word equation into formula equation.
i) Zinc + Sulphuric acid → Zinc sulphate + Hydrogen
ii) Limestone → Quicklime + Carbondioxide

8. Write any two chemical properties of base with formula equations.
9. Write two reasons that compost fertilizer is better than chemical fertilizer.

10. Write two fuctions of Medulla oblongata.

11. Write two differences between pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein.

12. Describe the process of sex determination.

13. When a pure pea plant with red flower is crossed with pure pea plant with white flower, what will be the characteristics of offspring in first filial generation? Explain with reason.

14. Write any two reasons that life is not exist on the planet Mercury.

समूह 'ग' (Group 'C') [6x3=18]
15. If three liquid A, B and C having equal masses are taken in three same size of beakers and exposed in sunlight. After 10 minutes the increased temperature in each is given in the table:
i) Which liquid has highest specific heat capacity? Why?
ii) If all the three liquids are heated to same temperature and put in the same beakers separately. Which one cools down faster? Why?

16. What type of transformer is given in the diagram? Why? Calculate the primary voltage of this transformer.

17. Which gasses are produced when ammonium carbonate is heated in a hard-glass test-tube? Write the balanced chemical equation of the chemical reaction that takes place in the hard-glass test-tube when ammonium carbonate is heated.

18. Write any three uses of aluminium in our daily life.

19. Suggest any three precautions to be taken to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood.

20. Describe sexual reproduction in flowering plant with diagram.

21. Complete the ray diagram given alongside. Also mention any two natures of the image thus formed. If the power of the lens is +4D, What should be the distance between lens and magazine to read it properly?

22. Study the given structural formula and answer the following questions.
i) Write the general formula of given structural formula.
ii) Write the name of the compound formed by the removal of one hydrogen by one 'OH' from the above compound.
iii) Write any one use of energy produced by the burning of the given compound.
iv) Write the structural formula of the compound which is formed by the placing double bond between two carbons in given structural formula.

23. In the given diagram, it is a stage of life cycle of silkworm. Study the given stage and answer the following questions.
i) Identify the given stage.
ii) Label the parts B and C.
iii) Write an importance of this stage.
iv) Name the stage comes after this stage.

24. How does acid rain occur? Write with chemical equation. Present two
suggestions to minimize the effect of acid rain occurred in Nepal.

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