Compulsory Science Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-111FP | SEE

Compulsory Science Question Paper 2075-2019 re-111fp see
DR Gurung
SEE - 2075 (2019)
COMPULSORY SCIENCE (अनिवार्य विज्ञान)
Code - RE-111'FP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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Answer all the questions. (सबै प्रश्नहरुको उत्तर दिनुहोस्।)

समूह 'क' (Group 'A') [15x1=15]

1. Write short answer of the following questions.

a. What is gravity?

b. Give two examples of renewable source of energy.

c. Define specific heat capacity.

d. What is heating element?

e. Define power of lens.

f. State Mendeleev's periodic law.

g. What is combination reaction?
h. Write the chemical formula of limewater.

i. Write two examples of saturated hydrocarbons.

j. Write any two stages of the lifecycle of silkworm.

k. Write the main function of fibrinogen in plasma.

l. Write the full form of DNA.

m. Mention any two effects of air pollution.

n. What is phenotype?

o. Write down the name of layer of atmosphere which expands in the region of 80 km to 720 km from the earth's surface?

समूह 'ख' (Group 'B') [13x2=26]

2. Illustrate the relation gα1/R2 with an example.

3. A ship sinks more when extra load is added to it. Why?

4. Government is giving high priority for solar energy. Why?

5. A substance having low specific heat capacity gets heated faster than another one with equal mass and having high specific heat capacity, why?

6. Metal 'A' is extracted from magnetite. Write down the name of the metal 'A'. Write down any physical property of that metal.

7. Why is acid base reaction called neutralization reaction?

8. Though both sodium oxide and mercury oxide are metal oxides, sodium oxide is called alkali but mercury oxide not. Why? Write reason.
9. Why is thermosetting plastic used to make handle of pressure cooker?

10. Write any two characteristics of larva of silkworm on the basis of body structure.

11. Why does the river flowing nearby cities become polluted?

12. Write any two differences between Down's syndrome and Turner's syndrome.

13. In a cross between long winged drosophila with short winged drosophila only long winged drosophila were seen in F1 generation. Write its reason.

14. Write any two differences between comet and meteors.

समूह 'ग' (Group 'C') [6x3=18]
15. Study the following diagram and answer the questions.
i) What is the weight of the stone in air?
ii) How much upthrust is exerted by water on that stone?
iii) What is the mass of that stone?

16. The number of turns in the primary winding of a certain transformer is 150 times more than that in the secondary winding. Calculate the input emf in the primary winding if the emf generated in the secondary winding is 220V AC. Which type of transformer is it? Why?

17. Write down general formula of alkyne. Write the name of member of alkyne which contains equal number of hydrogen and carbon. If such compound in reacted with lots of hydrogen what happens?

18. Study the electronic configuration of elements A and B given below and answer the following questions.
A = Is2, 2s2 2p6, 3s2 3p6, 4s1

B = 1s2, 2s2 2p4
i) In which group of periodic table do the elements A and B lie?
ii) Write the chemical reaction between A and B.
iii) In which block of periodic table does the elements A and B lies?

19. Draw an internal structure of human heart and show inferior venacava, mitral valve and right auricle.

20. Write the stepwise process to grow the maize plant in the laboratory by tissue culture method.

21. Draw a ray diagram of an image formed when an object kept at a distance of 40 cm from a convex lens having focal length 20 cm. Write any two nature of image. Calculate the magnification of image.

22. Study the given diagram and answer the following questions.
i) Which gas is being collected in gas jar?
ii) Why is the mouth of hard glass test tube inclined downward?
iii) What happen when sulphuric acid is reacted with the gas formed Write balanced chemical equation.

23. A, B and C are endocrine glands. If A is also called master gland, B is called emergency gland and C is called mixed gland then answer the following questions.
i) Write the name of glands A and B.
ii) What difference is seen in the body of men containing more and less hormone produced by A.
iii) Why is B called emergency gland?
iv) If diabetes is seen in any man, which gland is not working properly?

24. Explain the process of formation of mineral oil with suitable figure and
write any two applications.

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