Here I present the Question Paper of SEE Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 2075/2019 RE-COE-701.

As per the request of SEE students, Check and Download PDF Question paper of SEE Object Oriented Programming (OOP) 2075/2019. Enjoy!
SEE - 2075 (2019)
Time: 1hr 15 minutes
Full Marks: 40
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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

Group 'A'

Attempt any ten questions. [10x1=10]

1. Name any two procedure oriented programming languages.
2. Define encapsulation.
3. What is an extraction operator?
4. Write syntax for creating a class.
5. What is static data member in a class?
6. What is use of inline function?

7. Write the syntax of copy constructor.
8. What is an abstract base class?
9. What is a pure virtual function?
10. How many arguments are required to overload a binary operator?
11. Name any two relational operators that can be overloaded.
12. List access specifiers in C++.
13. Write the syntax for single inheritance.

Group 'B'

Attempt any five questions. [5x2=10]

14. Differentiate between class and object.
15. Which header file must you include in a program to use 'setw' manipulator?
16. How is the member function of a class accessed? Write the syntax.

17. WAP in C++ to convert the distance from kilometer to meter.
18. Why do we need virtual function?
19. Write the syntax of an operator function for operator overloading.
20. Write any two advantages of using inheritance.
Group 'C'

Attempt any five questions. [5x4=20]

21. Differentiate between C and C++.
22. WAP in C++ to add three numbers and display the sum using class and object concept.
23. What are the differences between constructor and destructor? Point out any four.

24. How is dynamic binding useful in OOP? Explain.
25. WAP in C++ to overload '+' operator to concatenate two strings.
26. Describe about multiple inheritance with an example.

Check SEE Object Oriented Programming Question OOP paper of 2075-2019 re-coe701.
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