BBS First Year Business English Model Question 2019-2020 | TU | Download in PDF.

bbs first 1st year business english model question 2019-2020 tu download
DR Gurung
BBS First year
Business English I
Model Question
Time: 3hrs.
Attempt all the questions:
1. Complete the sentences below with the given expressions dealing with cause/effect language. Take care with the preposition. [5]
brings contributes affects has an influence can result
a. Poverty __________ to crime
b. Poverty __________ in crime
c. Poverty __________ on crime rates
d. Poverty __________ crime
e. Poverty __________ about crime
2. Rewrite the following sentences choosing the best option from the provided. [5]
a. You __________ to lend me your book.
i. are requesting ii. requested iii. are requested iv. have requested
b. I __________ my homework. What shall I do now?
i. did ii. have done iii. will do iv. do
c. I think my knee __________ 
i. broke ii. is broken iii. has been broken iv. either ‘is broken’ or ‘has been
d. When we were kids, we __________ our own toys.
i. were making ii. made iii. had made iv. are making
e. I __________ Amitav Gosh for several weeks now.
i. have been reading ii. am reading iii. was reading iv. read

3. Answer the following questions as instructed. [5]
a. A little girl swings cheerfully in the park. (identify each of the words in the sentence pattern)
b. He slowly walked into the kitchen and asked for the dinner. (start the sentence with an adverb)
c. Write an example of a compound sentence joined by the conjunction ‘yet’.
d. Write a compound-complex sentence with only one independent clause.
e. Write an example of a complex sentence using the casual element of the independent clause.

4. Choose the correct word for the following expressions. [5]
a. The color of your outfit compliments/complements your eyes.
b. The grocery in our community is known for its every day/everyday low price.
c. You can just lie/lay the notebook on the table.

d. It is important for the businessperson to ensure/insure/assure her property adequately.
e. The interviewer’s job is to appraise/ apprise and evaluate.

5. As a sales representative of an electronics company write a product information of a washing machine. [5]

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6. Write a memo with your advice to someone planning to travel to Nepal for business. Outline cultural differences of the country that might impact international business dealings. Look for differences regarding customs, use of space, hand gestures, time orientation, social behavior, how business is conducted, and other business-related issues. [5]

7. Write instruction to recharge the mobile phone. [5]

8. Prepare a brochure design for a travel agency serving in Nepal for four decades. 10

Group- B

9. Reading prepares you to respond critically to the ideas of others and to develop ideas of your own. In this process you highlight the text paying attention to the verbal signals. How do you recognize the verbal signals? Enumerate each of them with the examples. [7]
10. The issue, ‘Finding a job’, is one main idea for topic sentence and it contains a list of what will be discussed in the paragraph introduced by the topic sentence. Write a paragraph with a topic sentence using the clues. [6]
Finding a job
… go to an employment agency
… read the classified newspaper advertisements
… ask friends and relatives for leads
… send resumes to possible employers

11. Read the following paragraph and answer the question asked below. [6]

Perhaps city residents and wild animals were never meant to go together, even in zoo. Recently a visitor to a large city zoo, ignoring all fences and warning signs put his arm into the cage of a six-year-old polar bear. Perhaps the man wanted to feed the bear, or touch him, or even tease him. But the bear, basically the citizen of the wilds, almost instantly sprang forward and sank his teeth into the man’s hand. As the man screamed for help, and the bear’s keeper tried to get the bear under control, the bear sucked in more of the man’s arm. Finally, a policeman had to shoot and kill the bear so that the man’s arm could be released—which it was. Thus, there was the killing of a polar bear and the wounding of a city denizen., two animals who were meant to be residents of their own worlds, not each other’s.

a. Extract the topic sentence in the paragraph above.
b. Is there more than one main idea in this paragraph?
c. In your own words explain why the incident supports the topic sentence.

12. Rewrite the following paragraph, remove any material that is not part of the main idea stated in the topic sentence. Add facts, examples, incidents, definitions, comparisons and contrasts to develop the paragraph more fully. [6]

People can take many steps to reduce the stress produced by their hurried lifestyle. For example, physical exercise such as jogging, swimming or playing tennis is an excellent method for relieving muscle tension and using up nervous energy. Such exercise also strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and helps with weight control. Another way to reduce stress is by doing deep-breathing exercises a few times each day; slowly inhaling and exhaling helps the body relax as the minds rids itself of troublesome thoughts. People who use these methods often experience a feeling of well-being that improves the overall quality of their lives.

Group- C

Answer any THREE of the following questions [3x10=30]

13. What is Sandra Cisneros’s thesis in “Only Daughters”? What incidents and details support this thesis?

14. What dominant impression does Heather Rogers try to create in her description of “The Hidden Life of Garbage”? Is she successful?

15. “The Case against Air Conditioning” is about why America should stop using air conditioners in everyday life. Is Stan Cox really trying to persuade readers to live in a world without air conditioning, or do you think he has some other, less extreme purpose in mind?

16. Is the essay “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” a point-by-point comparison, a subject-by-subject comparison, or a combination of the two organizational strategies? Why does Amy Chua arrange her comparison the way she does?

17. According to Daniel Engber, what is the public’s attitude toward taxing junk food and soda? How does he support this generalization? What does Engber find “ironic” about “so many advocates for healthy eating”.
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BBS First Year Business English Model Question 2019-2020 TU | Download in PDF.

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