Geo Technical Engineering | Grade 11-XI | Question Paper 2076 (2019) | Subject Code:358 | NEB

geo technical engineering grade-class 11 question paper 2076-2019 code-358 neb nepal
DR Gurung
Geo-Technical Engineering
Grade/Class - XI/11
Examination - 2076 (2019)
Regular Students | Subject Code: 358
Time - 3 hrs
Full Marks - 75
Pass Marks - 27 (Only for partial students)
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Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group 'A'

(Long answer questions) (3x10=30)

1. A simple of wet silty clay soil has a mass of 126kg. The following data were obtained from laboratory tests on the sample. Wet density=2.1g/cm3, specific gravity=2.7, water content=15%

Determine : (10)

i) Dry density

ii) Porosity

iii) Void ratio

iv) degree of saturation

2. Describe the functions of Bio-engineering system. Explain the interaction between civil engineering and vegetative systems. (6+4=10)

3. In a subsoil exploration for the design of foundations of a major structures what kind of detailed information do you set out to obtain ? (10)

Group 'B'

(Short answer questions) (6x5=30)

4. Define coefficient of permeability. List the factors that influence permeability of soil. (1+4=5)

5. How do you determine the shear strength of soil in the laboratory by unconfined compression test ? (5)

6. How do you differentiate shallow foundation and deep foundation ? What are the assumptions made in the Terzaghi's Bearing Capacity Theory? (2+3=5)

7. Explain the major advantages and disadvantages of Gabion structures. (5)

8. Classify the different types of mat foundations with clear sketches. (5)

9. Describe design considerations of check dam. (5)

Group 'C'

(Very short answer questions) (5x3=15)

10. Explain the importance of soil engineering from civil engineering aspects. (3)

11. What are the common causes of retaining wall failure ? (3)

12. What is the stabilization technique of gully head for check dam ? (3)

13. What are the design considerations for geosynthetics ? (3)

14. Explain the characteristics of fill material for gabion structures. (3)

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