BBS First Year Old Course (Back) | Business English | MGT201 | Exam Question Paper 2077 | TU | Download in PDF.

BBS First I Year Old Course (Back) Business English MGT201 Exam Question Paper 2077-2021 TU Download PDF
DR Gurung
Faculty Of Management
Office Of The Dean
BBS / 4 Years Programme / First (I) Year / MGMT
Business Statistics ( MGT 202 )
Full Marks :100
Pass Marks : 35
Time : 3 hrs.
Exam Question Paper – 2078 (2021)

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.

The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

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Attempt ALL the questions.

1. Answer any TWO of the following: [2x15=30]

a) Apply the four levels of interacting with a text to Laxmi Prasad Devkota's "The Lunatic" or Salman Rushdie's "A 1996 Commencement Speech".

b) Write an essay discussing the duties and responsibilities of parents and children to make a family happy.

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c) What do you think about the growing television culture among the students? Answer this question by bringing references from the texts "The Wretched Stone" and "TV Can be a Good Parent" to support your argument.


How do you urbanization and advances in technology affect modern life according to Dalai Lama as he argues in "Modern Society and the Quest for Human Happiness."

2. Answer any FIVE of the following: [5x10=50]

a) What makes a good teacher? Compare two good teachers who you know, what are the similarities and differences between them? What conclusion can you draw about effective teaching?

b) Describe the personality/psychology of the speaker's friend as shown in Lucas' "Third Thoughts."

c) Combine each pair of sentences into one complex sentence. Use the subordinating conjunctions in parentheses.

i. People harvested the apples. They stored them in cellars. (after)

ii. They saved enough money. They took a great vacation. (as soon as)

iii. She thought carefully about which gift to buy. She bought the more expensive one. (before)

iv. She paid for my college. She retired. (after)

v. He went straight to his lab. He got up. (when)

d) Underline the counterargument and circle the writer's refutation in the given sentences,

i. Even though many people say they enjoy visiting bookstores, downloading books from the internet is becoming increasingly popular.

ii. Not very many people actually ride in helicopters, they might not think about them as important for our society; however, helicopters are necessary for many areas of city life, including news agencies, law enforcement, and emergency medicine.

iii. Day-care centers offer benefits to the children, their parents, and society even though there will always be people who disagree with day-care providers.

iv. Many people consider a new type of rice as no big deal; however, the development of rice plants that are strong and resistant to disease can help prevent starvation in many countries.

v. Some people say that travelling to other countries is a waste of money, but international travel is worth the cost because it is fun and educational.

e) Can you be as good friends with someone from another culture as with someone from your own culture? Explain.

f) Define Live and Dead Metaphors with appropriate examples.

3. Answer any TEN of the following: [10x2=20]

a) Interpret B.P. Koirala's story "A Tale" in four sentences.

b) Suggest proverbial meanings of the followings:

i. Lions only roar when they are hungry.
ii. Don't count the chickens before they are hatched.

c) Match the following:

i. Dear Sir a. after a few letters
ii. Dear Mr. Limbu b. formal letter
iii. Dear Harish c. rather old-fashioned
iv. My Darling a close acquaintance

d) Delouse the followings:

i. One of the mouces is dead.
ii. If I had come here, I would meet you.
iii. Dambar bought a new pen, who came from England.
iv. When they came here?

e) Use the following conjunctions into sentences:

i. although
ii. because

f) In what ways could the following be ideological:

i. a beautiful girl
ii. a comfortable armchair

g) Change the words and expressions in italics to maintain a formal tone.

i. Usha blew off her math class to prepare for her history exam.
ii. It was difficult to give the accident victim the necessary medical attention because he was screaming his head off.

h) Circle the adjective and underline the noun.

i. The traps looked like round cages.
ii. There were some small, fragrant fish in the trap.

i) Define the following with examples:

i. genre
ii. grammatical words

j) Write a paragraph about an accident you had seen or heard.

k) Write the differences between "terrorist" and "freedom fighters."

l) Complete the following sentences by using 'while':

i. My pen ran out ..........
ii. I reached home ..........

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