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question answers of the poem the song of wandering aengus.
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Questions and Answers for " THE SONG OF WANDERING AENGUS", written by 'W.B. Yeats'. W.B. Yeats was an Irish dramatist and poet. He lived very passionate life. The feelings and experiences of his passionate life were transferred into his poetry. His love were with Maud Gonne became the chief subject of his poetry. His poetry of early period came out of that beautiful woman. She become a platonic symbol of all that is beautiful in human being.

Aengus is an ancient Irishman who has been taken as a god of poetry in some legends. For Yeats Aengus has a vision of glimmering girl, who is a member of the Irish supernatural world.

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Question No. 1: What is the poem about ? ( कविता के को बारेमा छ ? )
Answer: The poem is about Yeats's passionate love for his Maud Gonne. However, the poem itself speaks of the poet's earlier passion for Irish folktales and legends.

Question No. 2: Explain the word "fire" in the second line. ( दोश्रो लाईनको "fire" भन्ने शब्दको व्याख्य गर्नुहोस्। )
Answers: The " fire " in the second line is the fire of passionate love. There is nothing except love in his head. This intense passion needs some kind of outlet, so he goes out for fishing.

Question No. 3: What action does the poet describe in the first stanza ? ( कविले पहिलो श्लोकमा कुन कार्यको वर्णन गर्दछन् ? )
Answer: One fine morning Aengus goes out to the forest and cuts a branch of hazel. He ties a small berry in it and goes to fishing among the white moths under the twinkling stars. He drops the berry into water and catches a little silver trout ( एक प्रकारको माछा ).
Question No. 4: In what type of story does "a little silver trout" change into a glimmering girl ? ( कस्तो कथामा एउटा सानो माछा धपधप बाल्ने केटीमा परिणत हुन्छ ? )
Answer: In the legends and folktales a little silver trout changes into a glimmering girl.

Question No. 5: What are the silver apple of the moon and the golden apples of the sun ? ( चन्द्रमाको चाँदनी स्याउ र सूर्यका सुनौलो स्याउ के हुन् ? )
Answer: Moon is related to female deities and is also regarded as the mother goddess. Sun, all seeing god of light, is male and has a link with the moon who is female. The silver apple of the moon symbolizes the delicacy and beauty while the golden apple of the sun represents immortality.
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