Health, Population & Environment (HPE) Model Question | 2074 [2018] | SET 02 | SEE

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MODEL QUESTION (SET 02) - 2074 (2018)
Time: 2:15 hrs
Full Marks: 75
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Candidates are required to give their answer according to the given instructions.

समूह - 'क' (Group - 'A')  [11X1=11]
1. What is health?
2. What will be the population doubling time of a place if the annual population growth rate is one percent ?
3. Write any one importance of sustainable development.
4. According to the census of 2068 B.S. of Nepal, what is the percent of population in Himalayan region ?
5. Mention any one contribution of education for quality of life.
6. How is cordecypes reproduced ?
7. How many types of dysentery are there?
8. Present any one cause of considering poverty as a health problem in Nepal.
9. Which type of health service is more in practice in Nepal?
10. What is an element of safe life style?
11. How can we find at a person suffered from altitude sickness?
समूह - 'ख' (Group - 'B')  [9X4=36]
12. Introduce population and environment.
13. Explain with example, how does delay marriage help for population management?
Calculate the gross migration rate by using self imaginary data.
14. Define sustainable development. Write its importance in three points .
15. Explain the ecosystem of mountain region with any one related aspect of its.
16. Describe any one indicator of happy life in brief.
17. Highlight the importance of biodiversity in human life.
Elaborate the contributions of biodiversity on economic improvement of Nepal.
18. Illustrate four differences between communicable and non communicable diseases.
19. Mention the ways of caution for safe abortion.
20. Present the importance of community health in brief.
Why should we be safe from bad habits? Give any four reasons.
समूह - 'ग' (Group - 'C')  [4x7=28]
21. Illustrate the internationship among environment, development and population with example.
22. Prepare a short report to make a quality of life of your family based on any ways.
23. Introduce one horned rhinocerous. Write the causes of its rareness ways of conservation.
24. "If accident is one type of disease vaccine is safety." Present your view on this subject with example.

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