SEE Health, Population & E. Education (HPE) Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-133-AP

SEE Health, Population and Education (HPE) Question Paper 2075-2019 re-133-ap
DR Gurung

SEE - 2075 (2019)
Subject Code - RE-133'AP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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दिइएका निर्देशनका आधारमा आफ्नै शैलीमा सिर्जनात्मक उत्तर दिनुहोस्।
Group 'A'
Write very short answers to the following questions. [11x1=11]

1. Under which aspect of health, population and environment education do tradition, virtuals and festivals come?

2. What would be the crude birth rate of a place if the mid-year population is 2,50,000 and total live births are 3,000?

3. When was demography study started?

4. What is the name of commonly found bird in all the geographical regions of Nepal?
5. What is the value of heigh human development index?

6. How many types of ecosystems are identified in Nepal?

7. Why Hepatitis 'B' is called Silent Killer?

8. Why do you think, sex determination test is banned in Nepal?

9. Why is Condom considered as the most reliable temporary means of the family planning? Give an idea.

10. Write any one objective of first aid.
11. Which organ is affected first due to electric shock?

Group 'B'
Write short answer of the following questions. [9x4=36]
12. Show the relationship between health, population and environment. [4]

13. The crude birth rate and crude death rate of a country in 2015 A.D. was 36.5 and 8.5 per thousand respectively. If the net migration rate was 7 per thousand in the same year, find population growth rate.
Prepare the list of measures of migration and write short note on any one of them. [2+2=4]
14. Write any four principles of sustainable development and describe any one of them in brief. [2+2=4]

15. Describe the physical aspects of hilly region. [4]

16. Present your any four roles to obtain quality of life. [4]

17. How does degradation of ecosystem adversely affect biodiversity? Justify. [4]
Prepare a short plan that is needed to conserve one horned rhinoceros. [4]

18. "Diarhoea is a common disease of Nepali children." Justify this statement. [4]

19. In which condition conception of women is dangerous? Present any four suggestions. [1+3=4]

20. How can we minimize the bad habit related to food items in the society? [4]
Clarify the appropritance of preventive health service in Nepal. [4]

Group 'C'
Write answers of the following long questions. [4x7=28]

21. What is population density? Write any five reasons for mountain region of Nepal having low population density. [2+5=7]
22. Small family is the base of happiness. How does small family help in leading quality of life? [7]

23. Introduce Panch Aunle. Write the causes of its rareness and ways of conservation. [1+3+3=7]

24. Introduce the Family Planning Association of Nepal and mention any five functions of it. [2+5=7]

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