SEE Health, Population & E. Education (HPE) Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-133-BP

SEE Health, Population and Education (HPE) Question Paper 2075-2019 re-133-bp
DR Gurung
SEE - 2075 (2019)
Subject Code - RE-133'BP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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दिइएका निर्देशनका आधारमा आफ्नै शैलीमा सिर्जनात्मक उत्तर दिनुहोस्।
Group 'A'
Write very short answers to the following questions. [11x1=11]

1. What is called for the combination of living and non-living things?

2. If population doubling time of a certain place is 35 years, find out the population growth rate of that place.

3. Why is the earth considered as living planet?

4. Mention any one religious site of himalayan region.
5. Why does quality of life depend on family size?

6. Give an example of in-situ conservation.

7. Write any one symptom of Cholera.

8. How can Syphilis make a patient disable at the last stage?

9. Mention any one cause of alcoholism.

10. Write any one sign to recognize the frostbite.
11. Give any on reason for taking smoking under the unsafe life style.

Group 'B'
Write short answer of the following questions. [9x4=36]

12. Enlist the different aspects of health, population and environment and explain scientific and technological aspect. [4]

13. In 2072 B.S. in a place there was the population of 4,000 of women of the age group 15-49 and in the same year the number of live birth was 110. Calculate the General Fertility rate of the place.
Differentiate between fecundity and fertility with four points. [2+2=4]
14. Present with examples of any four activities done for sustainable development in your locality. [2+2=4]

15. List out the major works of environment conservation and explain any one of them in short. [4]

16. Define low quality of life and write the three disadvantages of it. [4]

17. Prepare a short plan which is necessary to conserve Red Panda. [4]
Why is it essential to preserve bio-diversity? Give any four reasons. [4]

18. "List out the name of diseases of heart and blood vessels and write the symptoms of heart attack. [4]

19. List out the general and complex problems that occurs during the pregnancy. [1+3=4]

20. Write any four scopes of community health and describe any two. [4]
Write the reasons behind the youngsters being drug addicted. [4]

Group 'C'
Write answers of the following long questions. [4x7=28]

21. What is population management? Explain any three measures of population management in the context of Nepal. [1+6=7]
22. What is global warming? How does it affect on environment? Write in short. [1+6=7]

23. Write any seven causes of rareness and seven preservation measures of Bengal Tiger in our country. [3.5+3.5=7]

24. Write down any four importance of community health and explain any two of them. [2+2.5+2.5=7]

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DR Gurung
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