An Article on Changing Roles of Men and Women in Nepal

An article on changing roles of men and women in nepal.
DR Gurung
In Nepal, women comprise more than half of the population. However, they have not been able to enjoy their social, economic and political rights guaranteed by the constitution to the fullest as men do. They have been the victims of traditional mindset, male domination, harsh economic system and illiteracy. Although, being assumed and been the other side of the same coin, they are still dominated, exploited and restricted.

However, at present context, it is not same case completely. In the recent years, there have been significant changes in the roles of women. Women are not, as always, only confined to the domestic boundary. They have revolted and are trying to come to the mainstream. They have proven that they are no submissive, less intelligent and capable than their male counterparts. Their presence can be seen in every sectors ranging from political, economic, social, business, educational and so on. For instance we have a woman as our President; many are successfully leading various ministries. Moreover, various business, social and educational organizations are proudly headed by women. Nevertheless,they have still to cross a long distance.

These are all happening because of two major reasons. Firstly, women are gradually becoming literate and conscious about their rights and roles, which are the consequences of various awareness campaigns,literacy, globalization, wave of changing roles of women in the international arena and feminism, etc. Secondly, with the aim of empowering women the government of Nepal have come up with special laws and policies related to women. The constitution of Nepal not only ensures equal rights but also provides special reservation facilities in every sector to the women solely to enhance their position.

Meanwhile, males are also breaking their stereotypical roles as the sole bread owners, caretakers, so called exploiters, or masters. They have realized how women freedom and empowerment assists in building good family, good society and good and perfect nation as a whole. Many of them are raising voice against women exploitation while others are working to enhance their status. They have readied themselves to engage in the household works which were considered trivial and let their females to encounter and experience the outer world.

All in all, men and women are the two wheels of the same cart, in which the absence of one makes it entirely impossible to operate. It is inevitable and essential that both walk hand in hand by relinquishing all kinds of complexes, prejudice, obsession and arrogance for better future and better society.

Additional Question of Bachelor Level BBS 2nd Year (Unit-6)

Question No. C: A story about someone who does something unusual and who is disliked for it

Hari was from a conservative and strict Brahmin family in Gaurigaon where some Dalits also resided. Although his family blindly followed casteism, he was open-minded, progressive and advocated for humanity, equality and justice. One day, coincidentally, he came to encounter Radha, a Dalit girl from the same village, who had been pursuing her higher studies and social work together, in a social campaign. Subsequently,their meeting resulted in an intimate relation. But, sadly , Hari's family absolutely disapproved and rejected the relation despite his continuous plea. Worst, his family threatened Radha's family to abandon the village or otherwise face negative consequences.

However, Hari was adamant in his principle and mission. He was prepared to fight against all odds for the good cause. He was in no way ready to be separated from his beloved despite his family's warning that he would be outcasted and disinherited. Hari became the most hated person in his family and community. As there were no other alternatives left, one early morning they left the village to begin a new life in a new way. Both of them were matured and independent, so they ultimately decided to get married. They took the help of a lawyer and registered their marriage in the court and settled permanently.

Much time has elapsed. Now they have a cute baby girl who has added more love and happiness to the family. But somewhere deep inside their hearts something is missing. They are really missing their families. In a sense, they have realized what it means to be parents. Hari is still hopeful that his family will forgive him and one day accept and welcome Radha and the little cute girl as their members. Radha has none in this world except her husband and her daughter as her parents have already been dead.

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