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english question paper subjective questions 2075 lower secondary level teachers service commission tsc
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Subjective English Question paper of Lower Secondary Level Exam 2075, Teachers Service Commission TSC.

Teacher Service Commission TSC had conducted exam for the Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary Level examination for the Teachers open competition. Here are the list of subjective question paper of English which were asked in the exam of Lower Secondary Level teachers examination. The examination was held on Ashoj 2075.

Teachers Service Commission
Teachers Selection Open Competition Written Exam, 2075
Level: Lower Secondary
Subject: English
Section: "Second"/"Kha" Subjective Question
Full Mark: 60
Time: 2 Hrs 15 Minutes

शिक्षक सेवा आयोग
शिक्षक छनौट खुला प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा, २०७५
तह : निम्न माध्यमिक
विषय : अँग्रेजी
खण्ड : 'ख' विषयगत प्रश्न
पूर्णाङ्क : ६०
समय : २ घण्टा १५ मिनेट

Attempt All the questions:

1. Define syntax. Describe two activities to teach complex sentences at lower secondary level. [4+6=10]

2. Do as indicated in brackets: [2+1x8=10]

a. I don't like people laughing at me. (Change into passive)
b. They .......... (build) the resort by 2030. (Put the verb in bracket in correct tense)
c. Attendance in my school has considerably fallen .......... (Supply the correct preposition)
d. I saw a man yesterday .......... man looked exhausted so I dropped him at his home. (Supply the correct article)
e. ..........! You stepped into my toe. (Supply the correct interjection)
f. Geeta! Clean the room .......... (Supply the correct pronoun)
g. I requested her to save a seat. She kept on standing .......... my request (Supply the correct conjuction)
h. A: Do you like tea? (Provide a short answer)
j. She is not tall enough to rich the ceiling. It means she is too .......... (Supply the correct objective)

3. Describe at least five activities that can be used to develop reading skills of lower secondary level students. [5x2=10]

4. Narrate an exciting event which you have recently experienced in about 500 words. [10]

5. "Could you open the window please?" What language function does this sentence serve? Design at least three activities to teach the above function for grade eight students. [1+3x3=10]

6. How can ICT (Information Communication Technology) help in teaching and learning? Write any three ways of using ICT in English Language Teaching at lower secondary level. [4+6]

Check and Download TSC Lower Secondary Level 2075 English Question Paper | Subjective Questions 2075 Teachers Service Commission.

2075 English Subjective Question Paper Lower Secondry Level TSC

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