Math | Subjective Question Paper | 2075 | Secondary Level | Teachers Service Commission

Math Subjective Question Paper 2075 Secondary Level TSC
DR Gurung
Subjective Math Question paper of Secondary Level Exam 2075, Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Teacher Service Commission TSC had conducted exam for the Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary Level Examination for the Teachers open competition. Here are the list of subjective question paper of Math which were asked in the exam of Secondary Level Teachers examination 2075. The examination was held on Aashwin 2075.

Teachers Service Commission
Secondary Level Teachers Selection Open Competition Written Exam, 2075
Level: Secondary
Subject: Math
Section: "Second"/"Kha" Subjective Question
Full Mark: 60
Time: 2 Hrs 15 Minutes

(a) Define prime number. Show that no other consecutive number is prime other than (2,3). [1+4=5]
(b) Prepare a lesson plan to teach the concept of 
 using geometric relation at school level. [5]

2. Define conditional statements and state different forms of conditional statements with suitable examples. Prove that the conditional and it's contrapositive of a statement are logically equivalent. [1+4+5=10]

(a) Distinguish between absolute and relative measure of dispersion. Calculate root mean square deviation from median of the following distribution. [1+4=5]
Class Interval
(b) Discuss different types of variables with examples. Find the probability distribution of the number of heads obtained in four tosses of a balanced coin. [2+3=5]
4. Discuss the axiomatic construction of Euclidean geometry on the basis of consistance, completeness, and independence. State and prove "Between relation for points in a straight line". (the verification of the axiom of order) [4+6=10]

5. Define Saccheri quadrilateral. Prove that two Saccheri quadrilaterals in hyperbolic geometry are congruent if their summit and summit angles are congruent. Also prove that the angle sum of every right triangle exceeds two right angle in Elliptic Geometry. [1+4+5=10]

6. Define different isometric transformations. Find the image of a triangle whose vertices are: A=(-1,3), B=(4,7) and C=(0,6) under transition T(-3,2). [4+6=10]

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Check and Download TSC Secondary Level 2075 Math Question Paper | Subjective Questions 2075 Teachers Service Commission.

Math Subjective Question Paper 2075 Secondary Level TSC
DR Gurung
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