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english subjective question paper 2075 of secondary level teachers service commission tsc
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Subjective English Question paper of Secondary Level Exam 2075, Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Teacher Service Commission TSC had conducted exam for the Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary Level Examination for the Teachers open competition. Here are the list of subjective question paper of English which were asked in the exam of Secondary Level teachers examination. The examination was held on 2075/06/11.

Teachers Service Commission
Secondary Level Teachers Selection Open Competition Written Exam, 2075
Level: Secondary
Subject: English
Section: "Second"/"Kha" Subjective Question
Full Mark: 60
Time: 2 Hrs 15 Minutes

शिक्षक सेवा आयोग
शिक्षक छनौट खुला प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा, २०७५
तह : माध्यमिक
विषय : अँग्रेजी
खण्ड : 'ख' विषयगत प्रश्न
पूर्णाङ्क : ६०
Attempt All the questions:

1. What are the affecting factors in learning English as a target language at secondary level? With which language learning theory are they related? Exemplify your answer. [5x2=10]

2. Nepali learners of English feel difficulty in pronouncing certain sounds of English language like /f/ and /v/. What might be the reasons behind this? How do you help the learners to overcome these difficulties? [4+6=10]
3. Mention communicative language functions of the following expressions. Then design a classroom activity with examples to teach one of the language functions at secondary level. [0.5x10+5=10]
a. I am grateful to you.
b. Take it easy.
c. Really?
d. You are my angel.
e. It makes no difference to me.
f. I'm crazy about football.
g. Don't come any closure.
h. Have a nice journey.
i. I wish I had an umbrella.
j. Do you mean he is honest?

4. Many English language teachers feel teaching writing a difficult task. What reasons can you see behind it? What suggestion do you want to give these teachers for overcoming their feeling? [5+5=10]

5. Complete the following sentences with the words in brackets: [1x10=10]
(i) We had dinner in .......... very nice restaurant. (a/an/the)
(ii) How can we get all the employees .......... on time? (arrive/to arrive)
(iii) I ate too much and now I feel sick. (Make sentence with I wish ..........)
(iv) Where are you going for your holidays? (to Pokhara?)
I haven't decided yet. I .......... go to Pokhara. (may/might)
(v) They only invited a few people .......... their wedding. (Preposition)
(vi) She said, "I want to go to New York next year." (Change the reported speech)
(vii) Don't phone me before 8 and 9. We ......... dinner then. (have) (Correct form of the verbs)
(viii) I didn't realize that somebody was recording our conversation. (Make passive sentence)
(ix) I couldn't sleep. I was tired. (despite) (Make one sentence from two.)
(x) I'm supposed to be sitting here, ..........? (Correct tag.)
6. Is using English as a medium of instruction in an English Language classroom quite impractical in some parts of our country Nepal? Give your opinions with reference to any of the places in the country. How will you resolve this unpleasant situation? Explain. [4+6=10]

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2075/2018 Secondary Level English Subjective Question Paper 2075 TSC

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