SEE Health, Population & E. Education (HPE) Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-133-EP

SEE Health, Population and Education (HPE) Question Paper 2075-2019 re-133-ep Province 5
DR Gurung

SEE - 2075 (2019)
Subject Code - RE-133'EP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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दिइएका निर्देशनका आधारमा आफ्नै शैलीमा सिर्जनात्मक उत्तर दिनुहोस्।
Group 'A'

Write very short answers to the following questions. [11x1=11]

1. What is meant by demography?

2. How is population growth rate calculated?

3. Write one importance of sustainable development.

4. In which geographical region of Nepal Tilicho Lake is located?
5. What is the appropriate birth space for getting quality life?

6. For which disease Pacheaunle is used as treatment.

7. Name any one disease that is transferred by mosquito bite.

8. After how many days of pregnancy baby is born?

9. Under which type of health service does the regular health check up fall?

10. Write any one sign to recognize that the person has been bitten by a snake.
11. Why is the first aid called temporary treatment?

Group 'B'

Write short answer of the following questions. [9x4=36]

12. Enlist the any four aspects of Health, Population and Environment Education and explain any one of them in brief. [4]

13. The mid-year population of the age group 0-4 year of a town was 45,000 in 2071 B.S. In the same year, 1,550 people of that age group died. Find out the age specific death rate of that place of that year. [4]
How does lactational amenorrhoea method help as natural form of contraceptive measure? [4]
14. "Population control helps in sustainable development." Justify this statement with example. [4]

15. Compare the physical aspects of Terai and Mountain region. [4]

16. Write the bases of quality of life and explain any one of them in brief. [4]

17. How does loss of mobility of animals and birds adversely affect biodiversity? Justify. [4]
Prepare a short plan which is needed to conserve giant horned hornbill. [4]

18. How are environmental health and disease interrelated? Present with examples. [4]

19. Which things will you give focus if you have to care infant? Write its any four ways. [4]

20. What are the major health problems of Nepal? Describe any one of them. [4]
What are the causes of addiction of smoking? Write in short. [4]

Group 'C'

Write answers of the following long questions. [4x7=28]

21. Illustrate the interrelationship among environment, development and population with example. [7]
22. Compare biological aspect between Hilly region and Terai region. [7]

23. Introduce cordyceps sinsesis as a rare plant. Mention any four reasons of its rareness and four conservational measures of it. [1+6=7]

24. "Unhealthy life style is a main cause of health problem of Nepal." Justify this statement. [7]

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