SEE Health, Population & E. Education (HPE) Question Paper | 2075 [2019] | RE-133-FP

SEE Health, Population and Education (HPE) Question Paper 2075-2019 re-133-fp Province 6
DR Gurung

SEE - 2075 (2019)
Subject Code - RE-133'FP'
(New Course)
Time: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Full Marks: 75
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दिइएका निर्देशनका आधारमा आफ्नै शैलीमा सिर्जनात्मक उत्तर दिनुहोस्।
Group 'A'

Write very short answers to the following questions. [11x1=11]

1. Write the meaning of entrepreneurship.

2. If the population growth rate is 2% per year in certain place, calculate the population doubling time?

3. Write one reason for not having balanced regional development in Nepal.

4. What is the altitudinal location of hilly region of Nepal? Mention.
5. Write any one criteria of physical quality of life index.

6. Write one example of species diversity.

7. Write the name of virus that causes Hepatitis 'B'.

8. Why do you think that 'Golden 1,000 days programme' is an effective programme for the infants?

9. Write any one importance of community health.

10. Write an example of healthy life style.

11. The child accident is comparatively high. Why? Give a reason.

Group 'B'

Write short answer of the following questions. [9x4=36]

12. What types of roles does social and cultural aspect play to preserve social value and norms? [4]

13. Suppose in a certain place, total population was 9,600 in 2074 B.S. In the same year the number of live birth and death were 650 and 455 respectively, calculate the crude birth rate. [4]
Write any four effects of population growth on socio-economic aspect. [2+2=4]
14. Describe any two activities of population, environment and development. [4]

15. Why is hilly region rich in biodiversity in comparison to other regions? Explain in brief. [4]

16. Prepare a short note on "Small family for quality of life." [4]

17. In your opinion, what may be the possible reasons for the destruction of bio-diversity? [4]
What role do you play in order to protect the endangered animals? Justify. [4]

18. How does rhevmatic fever arise rhevmatic heart disease? Clarify with examples. [4]

19. Write any four measures to be adopted to take care of pregnant women. [4]

20. Clarify the appropritance of promotive health service in Nepal. [4]
How can we minimize the bad habit of using mobile/internet in the society ? [4]

Group 'C'

Write answers of the following long questions. [4x7=28]

21. Mention any seven adverse effects on environment of repaid population growth. [1+6=7]
22. Soil erosion is going in Nepal. Mention any seven effective controlling measures for it. [7]

23. What aspects should be considered to protect endangered birds and animals? Write any seven. [7]

24. List out the major health problems of Nepal and explain any two of them. [7]

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