Economics | Question Paper | 2076-11-15 | Assistant Director | Adhikrit Tritiya | Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)

economics question exam paper of the date 2076-11-15 assistant director adhikrit tritiya nepal rastra bank nrb
DR Gurung
Lok Sewa Ayog
Nepal Rastra Bank
Economics (Arthashastra)
Adhikrit Tritiya
Sahayak Nirdeshak Written Competition Exam
Date - 2076-11-15
Paper - Second
Time - 4 Hours
Full Mark - 100

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Section 'A' [50 Marks]

Question No. 1: Is it suitable to consider Samuelson's Revealed Preference Hypothesis as a major milestone in the consumer's theory of demand? Critically examine. (10)
उपभोक्ताको मागको सिद्दान्तमा Samuelson's Revealed Preference Hypothesis लाई प्रमुख कोशे ढुंगाको रुपमा मान्नु उपयुक्त छ? विवेचनात्मक मूल्यांकन गर्नुहोस्। 

Question No. 2: As per the existing Tourism Policy, elaborate the situation of implementation of adopted working policies for the promotion of Rural Tourism Industry. (10)

Question No. 3: What are the factors of trade deficit in Nepal? How does it affect on the macroeconomic indicators? Write down with reasons. (4+6=10)

Question No. 4: How do the instruments of fiscal policy of a country can contribute to achieve the target of an economy? In reference to Nepal, discuss about the effectiveness of those instruments. (5+5=10)

Question No. 5: Discuss with a neat diagram about Boumol's Sales Revenue Maximization Hypothesis of Single-Product Model (without advertising) under static models. (10)

Section 'B' [50 Marks]

Question No. 6: How does the Neoclassical Growth Theory differ with Harrod-Domar Growth Theory? Justify with illustrations. (10)

Question No. 7: What is meant by Theory of Equilising and Non-Equilising Differences in interest rates? Highlights on the reasons of differences in the rates of interest. (3+7=10)

Question No. 8: Clarify the determinant factors of foreign exchange rate. How does this rate affect the balance of payment of a country? Mention. (5+5=10)

Question No. 9: Within the framework of IS-LM, clarify with a diagram about the effects of elasticities of IS functions and LM functions on the determinations of rate of interests and level of income. (10)

Question No. 10: Derive the key equation of H Theory of Money Supply. How does the factors of Balance Sheet Identify of Central Bank affect H? Clarify. (5+5=10)

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