Management | Question Paper | 2076-11-16 | Assistant Director | Adhikrit Tritiya | Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)

management question exam paper of the date 2076-11-16 assistant director adhikrit tritiya nepal rastra bank nrb
DR Gurung
Lok Sewa Ayog
Nepal Rastra Bank
Management (Byabasthapan)
Adhikrit Tritiya
Sahayak Nirdeshak Written Competition Exam
Date - 2076-11-16
Paper - Second
Time - 4 Hours
Full Mark - 100

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Section 'A' [50 Marks]

Question No. 1:

In the history of management, briefly discuss about the emergence and importance of human relations approach. In addition, assess the application of this approach in public sector management of Nepal. (5+5=10)

Question No. 2:

One of the most important tasks in the formulation of strategic plan is to identify and articulate strategic issues to be addressed. Which analytical practices enable the strategic planner to select such strategic issues? Educate with suitable examples. Clarify the major techniques for carrying out those analytical practices. (6+4=10)

Question No. 3:

What are the main differences between the transactional and transformational leadership? Explain by focusing on their concepts and the organizational effects they are likely to produce. Comment on the nature of leadership in Nepalese financial institutions. (7+3=10)

Question No. 4:

How does Quality of Work Life motivate employees to work? What measures should be adopted to improve Quality of Work Life in the Nepalese public sector organizations? Explain. (10)

Question No. 5:

What are the major challenges of strategic human resource management in the state-owned enterprises of Nepal? Are you agreed with the argument that many such enterprises are performing poorly because of negligence in human resource management? Explain with reasons. (5+5=10)

Section 'B' [50 Marks]

Question No. 6:

What is financial derivatives? What are it's risk and benefits? How can those risks and benifits be managed? Suggest. (3+4+3=10)

Question No. 7:

Is abundance of financial institutions an indicator of maturity and state of development of an economy? Give your opinion. In which institutional characteristics should the institutions emphasize to contribute in the economic development of a country. Explain in the context of the financial institutions of Nepal. (4+6=10)

Question No. 8:

Elaborate about the macroprudential policy. How can the stability of financial sector be maintained through this policy? Discuss with illustrations, in the context of Nepalese economy. (4+6=10)

Question No. 9:

What is profit maximization? Is it right for the financial institutions to follow this objective? Discuss. Which other objectives can be ideal for such institutions to follow together with the objective? Explain. (3+3+4=10)

Question No. 10:

What positive and negative impacts may occur in an economy due to market regulations? Discuss. Elaborating about the provision and mechanism of market regulation in Nepal, evaluate the capability of regulatory bodies in Nepal. (4+3+3=10)

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