Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training
Office Of The Controller Of Examinations
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
Regular/Back Exam - 2077, Chaitra
Program : Diploma In Electrical Engineering
Year/Part: Second Year/Second Part (2014 New Course)
Subject: Power Station
Full Marks - 80
Pass Marks - 32
Time - 3 hrs.

DOWNLOAD PDF | of Question Paper | Power Station | CTEVT | 2nd Year/2nd Part | 2077.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

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Attempt Any Five questions.


a) Draw and explain the schematic Layout of modern power system. [8]

b) What are the significance of standard Frequency in electrical power system? Draw the layout diagram for converting any one of renewable energy sources into electrical energy. [4+4=8]


a) What is peak load power plant? Draw the hydro power plant layout and explain it's working principle. [2+6=8]

b) Explain the working principle of thermal power plant with it's layout. [8]


a) Why the voltage level of transmission system is higher? Differentiate between transmission and distribution system. [2+6=8]

b) Define excitation system. Explain brushless excitation system with necessary diagram. [2+6=8]


a) Explain the operation and importance of AVR in power house. [8]

b) Explain brief description of switch yard, Bus Bars, Circuit Breaker and Lighting arrestors in power plants. [8]


a) Describe the operation of double bus-bar system with figure. [8]

b) Why substation is necessary in power system? List out any six components of subs-station and describe any two of them. [2+6=8]

6. Write short notes on: (Any Four) [4x4=16]

(a) Fault Limiting Reactors.
(b) Plant utilization factor.
(c) Grid substations.
(d) PLCC.
(e) Ring Main bus bars.

Good Luck!

Check and Download Power Station Question Paper 2077-2021 | CTEVT | Diploma in Electrical Engineering | 2nd Year/2nd Part.


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